Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I can always tell that I am really focused on work when I have like ZERO pictures on my phone.  And all of the photos from yesterday's post and the ones from today came from Ben's phone because I am in over my damn head with my book, the memoir I have going on the back burner, and my first serious foray into scholarly writing since 2009.  And plus also the responsibilities of this semester and the brand new class I am lecturing in the fall plus redoing my online summer class because the University for a new learning management system.  I mean, I would not even be blogging right now except it's my New Year's resolution, and as an upholder, I ALWAYS keep my resolutions.

Anyway, the boys got haircuts.  This is big news.  I do not have a picture of Cooper's because he had snot coming out of his face and mixing with whatever dirt was around his mouth, and you don't want to see that.  It looked like shiny peanut butter.

But, here's Harry's hair before (he was competing in the district's Super Book Bowl)
 And after
 And here's Jack

But don't worry, the clock is ticking on their respectability.  Both want stripes and/or numbers shaved into the sides to day after school.  So, that's awesome.

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