Monday, February 20, 2017

I would really like a donut

And you know what?  I am going to have one on March 3 when my Whole30 is over.

I started this endeavor in February because February only has 28 days, but now I am totally committed to the 2 extra days (who am I even?), but on the day it ends?  There will be Greenbush donuts, and I will love them.  Probably also pizza, too.  But then I am getting right back on the horse and sticking with the program.  Maybe I can do a cheat day once a month?  I really like the way my skin looks (so clear!  so not blotchy!), and I LOVE that my jeans are loos again.  My muffin top is almost all gone!  And it's wonderful.

You know what else I have gained?  Help in the kitchen.  I initially asked Harry and Jack to help me do the dishes and clean up after dinner because I knew that having witnesses would stop me from eating forbidden food off their plates.  And you know what?  It made clean up go really quickly.  Then last night, Dorothy and Cooper wanted to help, too, and it was amazing!  We had a total assembly line, and everything was cleaned up in like 15 minutes.  It could take me 45 minutes to an hour by myself.

She said she's a pot head.

 Jack insists on gloves.
 Health code violations aside, Cooper was the best helper-- so industrious and capable of way more than I thought he'd be.

 Action shot
 Speaking of health code violations, she was drying the dishes.  On the floor.  Ew.

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