Monday, February 27, 2017


Ben had the big boys in Green Bay for a hockey tournament all weekend long, so it was just me and Dorothy and Cooper at home, and we spent ALL OF OUR TIME together.  Like, they even slept in Ben's bed, and we all went to sleep at the same time.

We also went to a lot of norovirus-y places like URGENT CARE on both ends of the weekend (one ear infection, one phantom ear pain), an indoor trampoline and jungle gym place, the library, McDonalds and the play land, and an indoor pool (which was REALLY fun and only $15 and I will for sure be taking all of the kids there once hockey is over because it was an easy and pleasant way to kill 2 hours).  I feel really light headed and queasy this morning, actually, so STAY TUNED.

Really though, despite the weather taking a horrible, icy turn we had a great time.  And so did Ben and Harry and Jack.

Their BFFs from preschool just happened to be at the play place at the same time, which meant I actually got to read my book  a little.  Which isn't as awesome as it sounds because it wasn't a very good book.

 We had 2 movie nights.  The kids LOVED Rugrats, and we always love Zootopia.

 Slumber party!
 Oh, the germs
 We came home from swimming and were freezing cold despite sweats and warms showers so we cozied up on the couch and watched Reading Rainbow.  Now I know how bowling balls are made, and Cooper is into dominoes.
 Small donut break.

As long as they were in Green Bay, the boys got a Lambeau tour.  Jack loved it the most:


  1. apadgen9:10 PM

    Just saw the "How it's made" bowling ball episode last week. That's good stuff!

  2. Now I want to know how bowling balls are made