Thursday, April 08, 2010


It's the weirdest thing. I haven't had time to blog.

I know, you're totally shocked too, right? I mean, I found time to blog when I was a brand new mom who didn't know what I was doing AT ALL. I found time to blog when I was pregnant with Jack and totally exhausted and deathly ill over Christmas. I found time to blog when I thought I was in labor and then in the hospital the day I gave birth. I found time to blog waiting for my dissertation defense and right after it.

Not to mention, you know, the ENTIRE time I researched, wrote, and revised my dissertation.

But now? Now that I have everything I have ever wanted and a lot less stress? Can't find a spare second more than 1.6 times a week.

The kids have been really cute this week, but you wouldn't know that because I haven't had any time to take pictures of them.

We had SO MUCH FUN over spring break that I almost quit my job. For the first time since I had kids, I was completely serious about staying home full time. It was the plan, in fact.

Then I got all engaged at work again. I am working on 2 essays right now, planning 2 new classes, and loving every second I spend in my office. Alone. With hot, hot coffee, listening to my iPod and banging on my keyboard with 2 frantic fingers.

This right here? Is cutting into my sit on the couch and stare at the talking box with my mouth open time, so I gotta get back to it. See what I am talking about with the no time?


  1. I've been slow recently too... I blame it on the nice weather but I know that's not the case where you are. Some days I want to stay home and never look back and other days I wish I was tenure-track somewhere and Ryan stayed home. Eh. I've got it good right now, I think. But isn't it weird how you could just do it without a second thought? Not how I pictured my career pre-kids.

  2. I do stay home and I have had problems staying on track recently, too. Two weeks away from home and nice weather the whole time is my excuse...

  3. Maybe it's a widespread case of spring fever. For the past few days the thought of tending to my blog has been... ugh...

    Which I'm deciding, right now, to celebrate as a blessing. I want to cheer for the competing pressures on my time, because they're all bringing me joy.

    To bury yourself lovingly in family work and your salary work and your "me time" in front of the squawk-box -- this speaks to me of happiness and balance. I celebrate for you too!