Monday, April 12, 2010

An April Weekend

Wisconsin is good at doing spring.

Doesn't Jack look like a little monkey?

A serious,

contemplative little monkey?

We were so winded because to get to the picturesque location, we had to push a stroller full of 70-pounds of kid up a HUUUGE hill. Stupid glaciers.

Harry, mid-rendition of "Sweet caroline." Only he customized it and was actually belting out "Sweet Poopoline."


We tried to take the kids out for a nice dinner Saturday, but it was really stressful. Until our wine arrived. Then it was kind of funny.

Thank goodness for the bread basket.

On Sunday, we played outside a lot. Jack tore off his bike helmet and enthusiastically put this net on his head before jumping on Harry's old trike.

It's a statement piece.

He was really ticked when we made him swap it for his helmet.

I'll leave you to imagine just how helpful Harry, Jack, and their water table were during this process.


  1. Wes hates his bike helmet too. But I think it's because we usually fold his ears in half by accident when we fasten the chin strap.

  2. We had the opposite problem with the helmet in that Eli insisted on wearing it all. the. time. I was totally "that mom" who looked like I made her kid wear a helmet to the park (although it came in handy when he tipped the grocery cart over on himself). I love "Sweet Poopiline"! Is poop ever not funny? We finally told Eli it was a bathroom word, so now he stands in there and tells all his poop jokes at once.

  3. LMAO @ "Sweet Poopoline" WHAT is it about poop and these kids?! So funny!

    Also hilarious? "stupid glaciers" :-)

  4. I wonder how AJU5 would do with a helmet. Since we don't have a trike for her yet, we don't have one for her. She loves hats, but she wasn't 100% sure about her snow hat with the chin strap...

    But Jack looked great on the trike with both head accessories!

  5. sarah, you're hilarious. I love these pics. Isn't it nice that it's not WiNTER anymore?? :)