Friday, April 02, 2010

Tag! I'm it!

Corinne from Trains, Tutus, and Teatime tagged me for a meme. I'm supposed to show you my bag and then show you its contents.

I hope this doesn't gross you out or make you think I am a nasty hoarder. But when it comes to my bags and closets and drawers and under bed spaces, I am a gross nasty hoarder. Seriously. I had to spread a towel on the floor before I dumped the bag because that's how gross I am where no one can (usually) see me.

Here's the bag, a Vera Bradley Vera in Purple Punch:

Also, this is my 5th Vera bag and I am hooked. They're cute (ish), huge but still light, washable, and they can take a beating and still look okay. I am also hooked on the matching accessories. But totally old lady. When you see someone carrying a Vera, you know they wear ginormous granny panties. Thats why I like them-- because I defy stereotypes.

Okay, I warned you. Here's the gross crap inside:

The carnival tickets and saline nose drops are my favorites, followed closely by the random Buzz Lightyear and stray army guys.

I have lots of reading material-- a Parenting magazine, a book I am reviewing for a journal (that would actually be right up Becca and Kim's alley because it is about women and the rhetoric of science and is fascinating), Up in the Air which I kind of hate but have been reading at the gym, and 16 student papers from my rhetoric of reproductive rights class.

My hot pink planner and hot pink leather notebook for when I want to be taken super duper seriously at meetings.

There's a cute little bag of lip glosses that may not kill me and also safe-ish lipstick and Badger Balm hand cream.

I also have some super toxic scented alcohol hand sanitizers and lotions, an odd assortment of rubber bands and bobby pins, an extra Tom's of Maine deodorant stick (because that shit doesn't last all day, even though it claims to), and a little travel toothbrush and toothpaste.

I have snacks-- a ZBar and a no-sugar added Trader Joe's fruit leather for the kids and a Tootsie Pop and Altoids gum for me.

And, of course, I have electronics: my iPhone, my iPod Nano (which used to be Ben's but I took it because I thought I lost my iPod Classic, but I actually didn't because I found it today in the console of my car, but I like the Nano anyway, and Ben named it Valerie, which is not too surprising because his external hard drive is named Colleen), and my camera.

Oh! And diapers. One diaper, actually. That's kind of dirty from assorted bottom-of-the-bag crumbs.

I am tagging every single Pretty from All Kinds of Pretty. I am excited to see what's in your bags, my friends! (Corinne showed hershere.)

Here's the list:


Check All Kinds of Pretty for glimpses inside more bags!


  1. Tripod9:07 AM

    I didn't know you didn't like Up in the Air! Trust me it's 1000 times better than the movie!

  2. I knew you'd be a good one to tag :)

    Thanks for spilling! I had a Vera diaper bag, and I just couldn't pull it off... it might have been the pattern. But I LOVE your bag! That's a great pattern.

  3. Love the Vera Bradley!! I think that may be the route I need to go for the summer. As much as I love my Coach, black leather is a little too heavy for the summer. Plus I don't want it to get wet and for some reason I can't seem to avoid that so far this season.