Thursday, April 01, 2010

Even though Jack's face says otherwise, we really are having fun this week

Here are Harry and Jack looking contemplative at the zoo. Perhaps they are wondering why we go to the zoo everyday? Beause we CAN.

Nothing captivates kids at our zoo like the otters. You can tell when the otters are out and swimming by the squeals of happy children pressed up against the glass yelling, "Here he comes!" or "He's swimming right toward me!" or "EEEEEEHHHHH!" Seriously, it's the loudest exhibit at the zoo.

Scariest? The tiger. He prowls back and forth all day and has worn a worried path into his tiny little habitat. He worries me, this bored hungry tiger, staring all day at the tapirs and the rhinos, both of whom have signs in front of their cages that depict them being eaten by tigers in the wild, which has to screw ith the big cat's dysfunctional mind.

Anywho, otters

They also never get bored sticking their faces in the polar bear cut-out

And I NEVER take pictures of the animals, (because those pictures are no fun to leaf through in an album) but the polar bear was so fluffy and snuggly yesterday, I couldn't resist. Don't you just want to curl up next to him or drink a bottle of Coke with him or something?

(We had to see the polar bear 3 separate times because Jack would not stop screaming BEAR! He also just sort of wandered away from me toward the bear until I brought the whole screaming stroller (because Harry wanted to see the bison and the badger and ONLY the bison and the badger) back to the bear.)

In other spring news, we made our first post-dinner Dairy Queen pilgrimage of 2010. Yay!

I love how far off the ground his little feet dangle. (Also plaid crocs sans socks-- KLASSY)

We both look completely vacant behind the eyes.

Jack was like a puppy making rounds of the table for bites (he would actually prefer a non-dipped cone, the little crazy)

Dude! Is there anything more fun that cement planters?


When we got home, Jack had to work off a bit of a sugar high...

Harry is not pictured because he was throwing the mother of all tantrums about his water squirter-- he wanted the green one but could only find the orange one. Then when it was time to go in, his tears and flails began anew because he realized he wasted all his playing time crying about his water squirter. Then after bath, he couldn't find the cape that goes to his SuperMan pajamas, and you can fill in the rest of the story.

Happy April Fool's Day! Hope you trick the hell out of your babies. Silly babies-- so easy to trick.


  1. Hooray for spring! Ice cream cones, zoo visits, and hilarious April Fool's pranks. Don't get much better, eh?

  2. Looks awesome! We need some dipped cones now, I think.

    Is your DQ kind of scary? They all seem to be down here.

  3. Is Jack eating a chocolate dipped cone?! Oh, the chocolate dip. Dairy Queen, I heart you.

    And Becca, I've never been to a DQs that wasn't creepy. but I still love them!