Friday, April 16, 2010

Jack's birthday morning

Birthday, Phase 1

Such a polite baby-- he went straight for the card.

Now Jack has a super butch stroller for baby

The promised/threatened Baby Alive

Harry would have preferred a faster gift opening pace, but he was a good helper nonetheless

Random gift opening-- amazing I didn't get stabby with the scissors because this all happened pre-coffee

Harry got really anxious when there was a prolonged break in gift opening, and he finally brought Jack a package and was like, "Jack, it is your birthday. Your job is to OPEN YOUR PRESENTS!"

I show you this picture not because I am in my sexy jammies but because Jack was so happy when we sang to him

After blowing out his candles, Jack insisted that he was five while holding up one finger.

Taking a pants-poop while sitting in a pile of books and watching an old favorite on Blue Ray: Perfection


  1. Looks like perfection!!

    Love their jammies!

  2. Happy birthday Jack!!!!

  3. Jenn Wallace3:53 PM

    OHHHHHHHHH- Is that Transformer's birthday wrapping paper? He is soooooooo lucky! Happy Birthday Jack Jack and Happy Birthing Day to you too Momma. It's been so fun to "watch" him grow up. :)

  4. Wow! Y'all go all out for birthdays. Looks like a lot of fun.