Sunday, April 18, 2010

Foie Gras is a meat brownie and Jack's birthday party

Last night at dinner, Ben and my brother Jon had a serious conversation about how gin is a dangerous drink because the first one goes down as smooth as the 10th one. Then they ordered gin on the rocks.

Then martinis. Then dirty martinis. Then Jon called his foie gras a meat brownie. The Ben had some port.

Then my brother Ben and his girlfriend Stephanie and my parents and I went home and Ben and Jon dirty-old-manned it at some campus bars, and Ben is upstairs taking a shower, which I think means throwing up.

But yesterday was also Jack's birthday party!

We went to a local bar that features free beer and signature mug on your birthday. Jack went with milk, even though our waitress was confused by the two bouquets of giant #2 balloons we brought and thought he was turning 22. Here he is watching the bartender write his name on the birthday board:

With his mug

We had so much fun! And we were a very unruly crowd

Jack picked his nose just for the camera.

Jack bounced around the table

Aren't you proud of me for finally figuring out how old Jack is?

We gave all the kids stuffed Buckeys, and Harry's was rabid

At one point Harry said he was going down to the other end of the table to feed Lucy like a goat. Which I think meant go hang out with his cousins.

Jack approved of the festivities.

Look at him blow!

Jack has 2 forks because he insisted upon 2 pieces of cake.

It looks like I am going to slapabitch for some cake, but that's not what happened-- Even though they both had two pieces and I had, um, NO pieces.

Harry was plotting his next move

Which was to stick his fat hand on the cake and swipe and handful of frosting-- and that's the sign of a good cake-- frosting by the handful.

I wish I took a non-gross picture of the football helmet cookies, but they were really, really cute-- they even had little chin guards. And I totally made them. If by made, you mean CALLED THE BAKERY.


(I have a million more like the ones above, but suffice it to say, Jack got awesome stuff! Lots of Imaginext, which makes me happy because that stuff comes already assembled and is really fun to play with)

After the party, we adjourned to the zoo.

I am totally into the wildlife, obviously.

The kids had a great time, though

I love rhinos. We have common interests.


  1. Looks like a super fun day!

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM

    the party looks like a roaring success...Many happy returns to Jackie, and love to Harry and the rest..Bomma

  3. I can't get over the slapabitch for a piece of cake... you crack me up :)

  4. AWESOME. Love the college football theme and the milk beer mug. You guys know how to party!! :)

  5. looks like so much fun! Is Harry wearing a suit jacket? I freaking love that kid.

  6. The Gritty AND the zoo??? That's what I wanna do on MY birthday.