Thursday, March 18, 2010

Really, since my milk goes out of date tomorrow, it would have been wasteful to NOT dunk a bunch of Joe Joes

Alternate Title: Totally Random

Harry insisted on green everything yesterday. Green milk. Green eggs. Green ice cream. Green bath water. He also insisted on being outside from the minute he got out of school until bath time, which was more than okay with me. I exhausted my supply of inside activities in, oh, NOVEMBER, so 2 trips to the playground and an extended zoo visit and some yard time were just what the doctor ordered for all of us (and by the doctor, I mean me).

Two minutes after we took this picture, the stroller burst into snot and screams because we stayed at the zoo through naptime. Oops.

Around here, the return of ice cream season is a really big deal. We take it very seriously

Shut up. Wy wouldn't I have a style blog?


  1. That last picture of Jack??? OMG, how old is he now??
    You're a brave mama staying out through naptime... though I've been tempted with all this nice weather, I hate to miss any of it being inside.
    (and I loved your advice filled comment earlier ;) thank you!)

  2. Kids with ice cream cones are SO STINKING CUTE!! Love it.

  3. I love their haircuts, btw. And throughout that hectic day you still responded to how may e-mails that were sent your way? You are a multi-tasking goddess.

  4. those bunny slippers are preshus!!!!

    and the kids are cute, too.

    Viva la ice cream cone!!!

  5. I love the slippers! They are very cute and spring-y. I can't wait to take the kids out of the house a bunch in the next few days/weeks...

  6. Those kids? Too cute. :) And the bunny slippers? If that's not haute couture, I don't know what is. No really...

  7. all I can think of right now is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    And I'm totally housebound. I have a feeling this craving isn't going to go away!!