Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Google searches that might have brought you here

Somebody found this blog searching "pooped my pants while at the dentist." Also "mum has the same smell as umbilical stump." And I guess there's a masturbation blog with "all jacked up" in the title. So, um, lots of good search terms there.

Have a good Wednesday. We'll be here. Staying classy.


  1. LOL. I snorted at the "pooped in my pants at the dentist."

  2. And to think no one comes to my blog for run reasons. Luckily yours made me laugh for today!

  3. I am always shocked how people find my blog. the image searches creep me out the most. One time, I posted a pic of my six year old on Cmas--no shirt on. I called him a "little nudist." I was appalled how many people found my blog because they were searching images of "little nudists"

    I took the label off my blog, but geesh!!! Yeah, you were taking a risk with that "All jacked up" part of your title...but hey, maybe you'll give those guys a good laugh!

  4. Dentists are scary, so it makes sense people crap themselves. But dude, that is too damn funny.