Friday, March 26, 2010

Bunny Salad

I have been SO INTO SALAD lately. We eat it at least 4 times a week (2 lunches and 2 dinners.) In fact, most of my SAH days include the scared MAKE the SALAD ritual. Which, you lucky, lucky readers, is what I am going to share with you now.

1. Take 3.5 year old to school. While he is a help in the kitchen, his favorite thing to to lately is make his almost-2-year-old nemesis (brother) squeal like a little pig.
2. Worship your Trader Joe's spices and marinade (seriously, this soyaki sauce is to die for)

3. Use the sacred spices and marinade on some organic free-range chicken (which? I'm not totally digging yet. Not only does it cost way more than plump little hormone-filled, factory-farmed chicken , but it tastes a little, um, rangier, too.)

4. Cook your chicken (covered) at this temp for an hour and 20 minutes-ish (I had 2 pounds of chicken-- if you have less, don't cook it as long)

5. Scour your fridge for veggies. I had lettuce, pea pods, peppers, onions, celery, and one lone tomato

6. Find a stray baby to clean your dishes

7. Throw your pea pods in a pot of boiling water for like a minute then throw them in a pot of cold water. Drain. Toss them into your salad bowl.

8. Chop and add your veggies

9. DIdn't take a picture of my lonely tomato, but it did add a nice splash of color.

10. Throw lettuce on top. You can toss the salad later. Hahaha. Toss the salad.

Clearly salad didn't take my whole day, so I was suuuuuuuuper bored by the time Jack woke up from nap. What do I do when I am bored? I shop. Harry and Jack got some Cons like Ben's.

We didn't know that the EASTER BUNNY would be at the mall! That was just an added bonus! Jack freaked the hell out and didn't get his picture taken, but Harry sat there talking to the bunny for a solid 10 minutes and when we left, he was all, "I didn't tell him everything I wanted." Then he asked me how the Easter Bunny makes it to everyone's house and how he makes toys since bunnies have no hands. I said that I was Jewish and he would have to save these somber theological questions for his father.

I think they were looking wistfully at the mall playground. Jack said "play?" and Harry answered sadly, "No. We don' t want swine flu."


  1. Hahahaha! Somber theological questions!! Love the Converse. Wes has a pair but I can't be bothered to do up the laces fourteen times a day so he wears super-boring StrideRite velcro sneakers.

  2. I haven't tried their marinades, but will put it on my list for next week - as I think salads need to make a come back in our house...

  3. I only wish I could get the men-folk in my house to eat salad. But I get the "Where's the startch" comment whenever I try and serve something without rice, potato, or pasta... Sigh... But I LOVE Harry's swine flue comment!

  4. Are you sure it's wise to let Harry ask Ben about Easter? Ben might point the little guy to that South Park with St. Peter the Rabbit.

    In fairness, this was Doug's joke.

    Also, totally the time of year for salads! Yum. Yum.

  5. HA! Swine flu. Dying.

    Just took that same stroller with us to AZ. I am liking it for travel so far.

  6. Love the shoes and bunny ears!

    And salad - I love it but I am normally too boring with it. Maybe one of these days I will make an interesting salad...

  7. The Soyaki is THE BEST. My happiness project thing next month is going to be about fitness & nutrition, and I just found the most fabulous farmer's market one town over from us, so I am going to be ALL about salads this month.

    Love the swine flu comment! They remember everything, don't they?!