Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ben's 31st birthday weekend

We had so much fun for Ben's birthday, even if we were superlame and skipped our fancy schmancy dinner reservation to go suit shopping and to a chain steakhouse. And even though we spent Sunday with no water. And even though I got Ben wineglasses, wine, and a wine of the month club membership-- all gifts that I can SHARE.

Ben started his morning with some presents

We had a birthday breakfast at a coffee shop

Then Ben's parents came to town, and we went to a bakery for brunch

Jack flailed his way out of the picture

I wonder what he wished for

Ben loved his cake even tough it had whipped cream frosting. He prefers whipped cream to buttercream-- how sick and wrong is that?

Jack capped off lunch by trying to yank Ben's extra face off

Even though we were waterless on Sunday, Harry and Jack were giddy with the delight of actually playing outside after a long, long winter.

We watched these guys fix our water for quite some time Sunday night.

Monday morning, I went to get my crazy checked out, ad Ben accompanied Harry's class to the fire station. (Which? Dude. We have been switching off field trips this year, and Ben gets the cool ones.)

I love Harry's field trip listening face.

Monday night, we finally cooked the Lobster Gram Ben's parents sent him for his birthday. (another shareable gift-- WIN!)

Pretty, huh? And really, really delicious.

Today, after my Fashion FAIL of a day, Ben worked late, and I let the boys have a pizza picnic in front of a Batman DVD while I read Parenting and decompressed.

Ben, thankfully, came home right before Harry's bedtime, and I am here, melted into the couch blogging and eating mini Snickers ice cream bars. The perfect night.

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  1. Oooh! Lobster!! What a fantastic birthday gift :)

  2. Whipped cream icing??? Who actually likes that stuff? Weird.

    Looks like a great weekend!

  3. Please do share where you got Harry's Spiderman shirt - it's a current obsession in our house...

  4. I LOVE how happy Ben looks killing lobsters! LOL, i'd eat them all the time if I could find someone who would throw them into the pot for me!

    Happy 31st to Ben! And I think your idea of "gifts we can share" is awesome! v. romantic.

  5. Erin, we are covered up in superhero clothing, but I *think* that shirt is from Meijer. (Maybe Kohls)

  6. I won't lie. I am a little alarmed by the expression of glee on your husband's face as he prepares to drop the lobster into the boiling water. He looks like a serial lobster boiler.

  7. You cooked lobster? Oh my. I am really impressed. Can't believe Ben is 31. Which means I'm 34 and I can't believe that either.

    Happy Birthday, Ben Jedd. :)

  8. Ben looks just like his dad!

    Also, happy birthday Ben.

  9. The key to cooking lobster tails is to par boil it for 2-3 min. then grill for 2-5 minutes and presto lobster cooked...bam...It's actually like the easiest thing in the world to cook.

    Thanks for all of the birthday wishes...very nice. 34...wow you're old Courtney.