Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mom style?

Lately, I have been obsessed with a particular academic style blog, Academichic. Had I known about this blog in grad school-- or had I known that people blogged about academic style at all, or even personal style, really-- that's how blind to this corner of the blogosphere I was-- I would have never graduated because I would have spent all my money and time buying clothes and taking artsy pictures of myself in those clothes. Awhile back, Antenna had a great discussion of style blogs and what fashion might mean for academics. Since then, I have been reading Academichic everyday, and I have even been dressing exactly how the bloggers on that site tell me to dress because I am, apparently, an Academisheep.

Seriously, last month was scarf month, and I wore a scarf at least once a week. Last week was cardigan week, and I wore 3 cardigans (and I only have 4 total in my life). This week? Tights week. Yesterday, there was a post about playing with tights in terms of color and pattern and today? I am wearing patterned tights.

WTH? I don't even MEAN to be such a sheep. Today I planned to be bare legged with boots, but my black boots are a little too slutty for the office. And I am no style blogger, but here's a fashion tip: If you have to spend any length of time surveying your reflection in the mirror to determine if your boots are too slutty for the office, take the boots off, you slut.

It's kind of embarrassing because I know some people in my building love Academichic too, and I feel like when they see me all sheeped out, they are snickering silently. Paranoid much?

But really, can fashion be a form of resistance if you just dress exactly how you're told to dress? Not so much.

Also, I know there are a bajillion style blogs (and a whole cult of Anthropologie worshippers), but I have been reluctant to go any further than one pretty academic style blog because I don't know if I am ready for that world. On the other hand, I need to wear more than a rotating cast of Uggs and some Old Navy skinny jeans (that are always baggy in the legs-- always), so maybe a foray into the style blogging world would be good for my wardrobe.

Any mom blog friends want to start a mom style blog? We could look for brands that are sustainable, family friendly or woman owned, and we could write about form and function and clothes as nurture for the nurturers. About redefining mom jeans and reclaiming MILF as a symbol of empowerment (I know-- that's a teeny bit Eve Ensler for my taste, too. I'm not Third Waver, not really.). Yeah, actually, I AM sort of serious, so let me know.

And now, apropos of NOTHING AT ALL, pictures!

Here we are at Harry's sports class. it was bring-a-friend week, so he brought Jack. Also? I am more than happy to let this class be a daddy and Harry thing-- there was grass and fake grass and dirt and lots of running. Ill take the big! red! mat! any day.

He's a toothy little guy

Who still looks JUST LIKE BEN

Check it: I am so short, I don't even have to bend over to comfortably hold a child's golf club.

Jack is so dangerous lately. Look how premeditated this climb was-- he even put his water and his snack bowl up there first. All so he could turn off the light in the toy closet, scrunch up his little face and say "Daaaaaaah" (dark)

(snack bowl not pictured because he knocked it on the floor with his butt and then Harry tornadoed through the room and smashed the snack into a million billion tiny crumbs)

I include this picture only because the second after it was taken, the track pants Harry is swinging hit me in the eye, and I cried.


  1. Have you checked out "Ain't No Mom Jeans"? It has 'mom friendly' options that aren't hideous (although I think a lot of the stuff falls into the "Ain't No Budget for This" for me). But if you do come up with a mom style blog I am TOTALLY reading it. My frumpiness will thank you!

  2. Oooh-- I'll check it out. That's another thing the blog would have to have: AFFORDABILITY. I know my own clothes are a much lower priority than they used to be, especially because H & J need new clothes ALL THE TIME. Want to contribute to a mom style blog??

  3. Yes, please. I could always use advice and ideas.

    I also super heart vintage, so that should totally be in there too!!! ;)

  4. Seeing as I live my days in jeans/shorts and a knit shirt mostly, I could totally use some affordable, nicer options. But, don't look to me for advice - I am totally clueless when it comes to fashion! Hence the jeans and a shirt...

  5. I would LOVE to read a blog about mom fashion and probably should check out the academic fashion blogs. I am totally unqualified to contribute though because I typically just wear jeans (just graduated to ones without holes), or if I am not wearing jeans, I am usually wearing something from REI. (REI has some good stuff, Prana is cool, but I don't know how fashionable it is.) I'm thinking about wearing a skirt on my upcoming work trip, but I am sure I'll wuss out and bring jeans.

  6. Alyssa1:12 PM

    Another topic for the academic mom style blog...what do you wear while you're waiting (praying?) for your body to return to its pre-baby size/shape. Do I buy a whole new wardrobe? Buy nice stuff? Cheap stuff? Stay in the maternity clothes?

  7. Dude. If you could see me today, you would see my own Academichic sheepiness. I'm all scarfed out, too, and even purchased two additional scarves over the weekend, so inspired was I by their scarf month.

    And yesterday's outfit was also Academichic inspired (though not a copy). So...we shall be bound together in our sheepiness here in Vilas.

    And I like to think I'm just inspired, not copying. Right? Right? No? OK, then...

  8. as I said on FB, I am happy to contribute. but I am also a total frump who wear sweats everyday, is too fat for her jeans and has no money for new clothes. So, I'm not sure what my angle will be. Probably trying to dress fashionably while hiding purchases from target by telling your husband they were groceries.

  9. Valerie10:01 AM

    I can be very judgmental. It is a gift that I would be willing to share.

  10. I love the idea! An excuse to shop? Husband will be so thrilled!

  11. I'd love to contribute to a mom style blog although since hitting a shocking and apparently non-reversible mid-30s, second-baby metabolic slump, most of my clothing choices are determined by what will hide the paunch most effectively and highlight my one remaining asset - the rack. So if you want a lot of posts about empire waists and 1950's Mad-Men-style high waist dresses with full skirts and plunging necklines -- and how to find this stuff at Target or for comparable prices look no further. I tell you one thing -- they don't tell you this stuff in Vogue.

  12. I picture myself secretly photographing people in the food court at the mall. Sounds fun!

  13. I'm actually getting really excited about this :) ideas are starting to form...
    Thanks for pulling this together Sarah!

  14. This would be such a great idea! Since I work for Nordstrom, we get to see all the trends coming in, but it's hard to make the looks work for moms. Not everyone wants to wear 7 for all Mankind jeans with the super low-rise.
    My biggest issue is the weekend look. All I ever wear is jeans and T-shirts. No fun.