Saturday, March 06, 2010


I have no clue when I became such a stereotype. So many stereotypes, actually.

The other day, I was the ultimate overcompensating working mom. I chaperoned a school field trip, still spent a full day at the office, and came home to bake-- and package individually with cute green curly ribbon-- 48 cookies for the school bake sale the following day.

Later in the week, I was the quintessential over-scheduling mom, signing both kids up for summer swim lessons and Harry up for spring and summer Tball and spring ballet, in addition to Jack's Little Gym class that runs through June and Harry' current swim lesson and sports class.

I enjoyed a stereotypical June Cleaver SAHM day where I made my family an entire organic meal from scratch, did 3 loads of laundry, and primped (primped!!) before my husband came home, after leading the kids in arts and crafts time and helping Harry practice writing H's during our TV-free time while Jack slept.

I rounded out my week with a day of being "that mom" who schleps her kids to activities all morning and has the sitter come by in the afternoon so she can go to the store and the gym unencumbered and with a stop for a leisurely latte.

I'm doing my part to participate in the Mommy Wars, I guess, by trying on many mom roles. No surprise, I like Leisure Mom the best.

Jack has been wearing these glasses for days. He tried them on randomly one morning (he found them under my bed, and judging by the dust, they had been there for a loooong time-- say tuned for a fascinating post about cleaning angst that I've had brewing for awhile), and Harry told him he looked like a movie star. He's been wearing them ever since.

Harry. He will NOT smile for the camera. Will not. He is going to look at pictures someday and think he had a sad, sad childhood.


  1. Your schedule makes me dizzy! I'm amazed that you get so much accomplished in one day. Do you give lessons??

  2. In general, you know I'd never question your impeccable logic skillz, but...

    If you're running through 4 *different* stereotypes per week, that undermines them all, no?

    I believe the point of feminism is to give all women space to embody our varied selves. To have our leisure days, work days, & supermom days -- to balance our lives according to our own (and families') wants and needs.

    The whole concept of Mommy Wars irritates me. A manufactured way of pitting women against each other, when we oughta be lifting each other up. It ain't right.

  3. Dude! Now I feel guilty for passing up Kinderdance because I can't deal with one more regular activity in my schedule! I agree with Misty. You are a new stereotype who unapologetically does exactly what works best for your family AND you, no matter what that looks like to anyone else!

  4. tripod10:56 PM

    Love the haircuts! When did you fit that in? I am amazed at and proud of all you do!

  5. oh my goodness, I am a complete and utter failure. I did NONE of those things and am now freaking out that it's too late to schedule Ethan for any spring/summer activities because I am lazy! And I baked nothing at all this week! And I felt relief this afternoon when Ethan planted watermelon & snap peas seeds w/ the neighbors because I would NEVER have thought to do that with him.

  6. You know, upon closer inspection (introspection), it's all the same stereotype-- the over-compensating working mom. I feel bad that I don' spend everyday all day with the kids and my guilt motivates everything else, I think.

    Also, Sarah, we do all of our activities at Harry's school, so Activity Sign Up Day is a huge event, and all I have to do is let peer pressure guide me to the line. Still all sorts of lazy n my end :)