Friday, May 24, 2024

5 on a Friday: Big Kids Are Fun (21/52)

 I spend so much time blathering on and on about how darling Minnie is that I sometimes forget to document how much I enjoy my big kids.

It is so fun to be the parent of big kids, you guys. And I am someone who adores newborns and loves loves loves toddlers and thinks elementary schoolers are darlings. BUT I ALSO LOVE BIG KIDS.

1. They can make their own plans. This is lovely. (It can be hard to throw them birthday parties, though. Jack is great at organizing his own parties, but we have been trying to nail down details for Harry’s 18th for weeks, and last year, he didn’t celebrate in any kind of organized way for the same reason.)  I like having kids over and doing nothing to make it happen. Dorothy even ran out of the house and jumped into a friend’s mom’s car the other night (a car with other giggling kids already in it) tossing over her shoulder that she was going to the park. SO CUTE! SO EASY!

2. Their sports are hands-off. So far, we have only experienced this with Jack and Harry because middle school sports are BANANAS (get ready, parents of elementary kids. If you thought lower grade travel sports were a lot, BUCKLE UP) and in our experience require the very most parent participation. (And Harry’s tennis team experience has been weird— parents are SUPER DUPER involved and even, like, organize snacks for the ADULT PEOPLE playing the sport. We are definitely the weirdos who pay zero attention to any of this and expect our kid to run his own sports life— but thankfully that’s an outlier). It’s wonderful to just attend events as spectators and not even worry about how your kid is getting to or from the field.

3. They stay up late, which can feel at first like it’s infringing on your off-duty hours, but they are genuinely fun to stay up late with and like normal TV and appreciate funny things and can talk knowledgeably about popular culture and world events. They’re like fun friends who live with you and want to hang out most of the time but also never bring any food and eat all of yours.

4. Speaking of food! They suddenly eat like normal people, and all the little kid food quirks and restaurant restrictions and general mealtime headaches go away.

5. They like to do what you like! For me this is shopping, going out for fancy salads, and getting our nails done. Plus movies. And errands— which they make more fun by helping with. IT IS MAGIC.

Minnie? DID NOT ERRANDS EASIER THIS WEEK. But maybe she made them cuter.


  1. I have loved every stage of my kids' lives, even the awkward junior high ones, and in my experience I think that parenting just gets better and better and more fun as they get older. Yes, there are the requisite issues and yes, toddlers and babies are so cute, but I love having adult children! They are just so interesting and fun to have around. I think you have such a unique experience, to have a toddler AND an 18 year old! You get the best of all the worlds all at once!

  2. Hahaha... Minnie makes everything cuter. And, yes I agree- there are so many great things about having older kids. And people assure me that when the kids are truly adults, living on their own away from you (sob!) that's a great phase too. I agree with Nicole- how many people have an 18 yo and a toddler? (Except that I don't think Minnie is officially a toddler anymore...) It is the best of all worlds.

  3. I love that you love every stage of your kids' lives... I don't think that is true for EVERYONE, but I do believe there is something special about every age.

  4. Anonymous7:05 PM

    This is Lisa. I wish I could love the toddler stage even a fraction of how much you do. I do not love it and find it so incredibly challenging! My husband feels the same way. But I have loved 4 and beyond and can see how it just gets better. I think I am better suited to parent older kids.

  5. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Yes to nails! I LOVE getting a pedicure and brought my 3.5yo with me yesterday. We both enjoyed

  6. for some reason that pic of Minnie with the headless mannequin just took me out.
    I love every stage also. I really miss the little kid stage, but I know I'm misremembering how TIRED I was all the time, and my big kids are just SO FUN. Eve coming home for the summer just feels like my bestie moved back in.

  7. I'm not planning on having children but I have to say, I think it would be so much fun to have tweens/teens! Your kids just seem to be a whole lot of fun to hang out with!

  8. I so agree with this. My kids beg me to stay up late and watch movies, but the younger girls made swim team and will have practice at 7 am. Eek. I want to be part of the movie club (that's what they call it), but how will I haul my butt out of bed to drive to swim team. I also was crazy about my toddlers. I don't think there has been a stage that I didn't enjoy. I loved when the kids started making funny comments and paid attention the world around them and had little debates while hanging out in the kitchen eating all the food.

  9. OMG. YES. I am OBSESSED with big kids and tell all of my little kid parent friends "It's coming and it's going to be SO GREAT." I'm with you though on the 18th birthday thing. Eli finally just asked if he could have the house for the evening, and I'm trusting that his first responder training will keep the house standing and everyone alive :/ But on the flip side, he wants to celebrate graduation by going to a trampoline park

  10. You know what I love about your family? The smiles. You - Ben - and your kids just radiate joy. I know it's not all joyful, believe me (how many times have you been to urgent care recently?), but it just makes me smile every darn time. Also? Minnie holding hands with the mannequins killed me.