Thursday, May 16, 2024

Baby Harry is a SENIOR?!?!?!

 I mean, I know this, really, but sometimes the realization is startling. 

On my birthday, his school had their honors convocation, and I insisted he attend SINCE IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. It was the best event-- any kid winning a scholarship or a named scholastic honor was awarded a certificate, a packed auditorium's worth of applause, and their senior pic on the big screen; and all the honor roll kids could file across the stage and snag their honors cords for graduation.  I have known some of these kids since KINDERGARTEN, and there they were all grown up and amazing.

Two funny things: 1. these are the most academically successful kids at the school, and alphabetical order was tough all night long. 2. TONS of the girls wore their senior picture outfit at the ceremony, and it was like their picture came to life and started walking across the stage.

Harry was so poised and polished and let me take his picture AND ALSO posed for pictures with his scholarship donor family and made adult-level small talk-- I loved the whole thing.

(Also there were ELEVEN national merit scholars which seems like a whole lot from the same school).

Chance of his honors cords making it to graduation? LOOKS SLIM, GUYS. They are MIA as we speak.

I ordered favors for his family grad lunch, and that task also really made me realize he is leaving. (Will it feel real when I pay fall tuition? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME) GAH. I realized all the other preparation I have been slacking on (buying a dress and shoes for myself, finalizing the cake and menu) might be because I am in mild denial (that is definitely my MO).

In two weeks, the seniors wear their caps and gowns to walk the halls of their elementary schools, and I am already teary thinking about it. Harry will have Dorothy there, which is adorable. All the other kids will have a mini Minnie to see their walks (she'll be in kindergarten for Jack's, 4th grade for Coop's, and 5th grade for Dorothy's). And, I mean, I will be there sobbing on the school lawn taking pics, natch.



  1. Oh, it's such a HUGE deal and congrats to everyone! Big changes ahead, but happy big changes!

  2. Oh my gosh, welling up over here! So exciting and wonderful and yet I completely get the sadness and the desperation for time to SLOW DOW

  3. Congrats to Harry! That is a lot of national merit scholars!! Super impressive! I can see how this would be a really emotional time. I don't know any parents who haven't been emotional about this milestone when it's their first child. By the time Dorothy and Minnie roll around you'll be like - wait, when is graduation? lol. I can say this as child #4 that barely got a hug when I left for college. It was like - see ya later, here are some quarters for laundry. I kid... but it does get easier from what I've observed!

  4. GO HARRY. I love that all the other kids will have Minnie. What kind of chump am I not having five kids.

  5. What a huge accomplishment for Harry. And for you! It must be such a wild time to watch him go through all of the pomp and circumstance of senior year/graduation. I can't imagine how emotional it all is!!