Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Things that do not suck

 THESE protein bars are the opposite of sucky. I love them SO MUCH I have my own discount code. Sarah15 for 15% off.

THESE granola bars are delish and fun to make. (I add a scoop of PB and use mini choc chips instead of raisins and omit the cinnamon)
It's Power Wheels SEASON!
THE WEATHER is so perfect that we can go to the park on the way home from preschool, and my little old fashioned doll and I are STOKED

We were both decked out in Costco finery today. My shirt is actually a dress that Dorothy bought and didn't like. I abhor the Costco return line, so once it comes home with me, it is mine forever.

We grocery shopped so much on Sunday that the ENTIRE MINIVAN was full of food from passenger seat to trunk. And by gocoery shopped, I mean picked up things we ordered via app from bed and watched people put in our car.,
Except for Costco. We went inside there like IDIOTS. WHY DID I COME ON SUNDAY?!?!
(Also, I think I need these for serving all means from now on)
Sunday baseball was beautiful! Minnie kep asking for "sun scream" and I barely put any on her, thinking she would be fine, but now her little shoulders are burned. OOPS.
Late-night, kid-free trip to Menards. WE REALLY KEEP THE ROMANCE ALIVE,
Service at the Elks Club on Saturday was not amazing (Kentucky Derby party, very crowded, out fault for sure), but I took this pic from our table of Ben and Minnie exploring the pier while we waited.

Minnie was ALL IN for pictures. At one point as ALL THE KIDS just stood there with no one making a decision about where to pose for pictures at the arboretum, Harry's GF's mom was like, OK everyone, let's play follow the leader as she led the group to a pretty area with flowering trees, and Minnie piped up with I LIKE THAT GAME! WHEN IS IT MY TURN TO BE THE LEADER! CAN WE PLAY WHAT TIME IS IT MR. FOX NEXT?

We also made him pose at home, obvi.

LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!! The girls in the group made all the girls' bouquets and the boys' lapel flowers (and they were GORGEOUS), so Harry brought some roses.

Cooper's Little League team got to play at Helfaer Field in the Milwaukee Brewers' parking lot, and it was SO FUN AND CUTE. It's our last time playing there (unless Minnie plays baseball), and we all had a blast. Even Ben who got a BLISTERING SUN BURN in 55-degree, overcast weather. Coach HArry made a pre-prom appearance to squeeze in some NHS volunteer hours.

Minnie was my date Friday night while Dorothy was at a bday party. She always picks the same place.
Dorothy found some silver high heels to weat to Harry;'s graduation, and she lurves them
Ben finally got the picture he has been dreaming of in his Craig Counsell shirt that was his favorite bday present.
I declined Ben's offer to get me one of these darling puppies for my birthday, but it is a GOOD SIGN that we are having serious dog talks. We are going to settle into some new life rhythms and revisit the issue soon. Plus we want a girl puppy, and these little cuties are both boys.

Jack KILLED IT in his spring play, and we al loved the show (it was a series of 4 one-act plays about the course of relationships. They were funny and touching, and Jack was HILARIOUS)

There you have it-- some good things amid all the complaining I do on the regular.


  1. I'm still waiting for you big happy/good news reveal! :) Or potential good news!

    The prom pics are so cute! My eldest brother prob has prom photos with him holding a baby since my parents had baby when he was 16...

    I'm curious about the protein bars. Do they have the gummy/gets stuck in your teeth texture of RX bars? I don't love them because of that but they are the best tasting protien bar. I do not know how people at Perfect Bars. They have an awful aftertaste for me! So I am open to trying a new bar but need more info!

    1. The texture is more like a perfect bar, but the taste is WAY BETTER than Perfect or RX-- sweeter than RX and no weird aftertaste (I know exactly what you are talking about! I only like the peanut butter coconut perfect bar for that very reason, and it HAS to be cold).

  2. What a fun post, it looks like your busy busy weekend was full of fun. And groceries! Love the prom pics.

  3. Awesome prom (and baseball) pics. I feel like you don't complain nearly as much as I would if I was trying to organize five kids.
    Those puppies are SO CUTE. But yeah, girl puppy. Less of a tendency to mount things. Not none, but less.

  4. Ha ha ha! I think the Costco return line is my mission. Hey, Costco, if you stop selling me food that expired MONTHS AGO, I'll stop returning things.

    Don't get a puppy!! Get a young, already potty/crate trained dog! Save yourself the sleepless nights! Should I start sending you emails with young adorable girl dogs from the shelters around here?!

  5. Glad the play went well and that you enjoyed it. Those high school productions are really impressive sometimes. Love the prom photos. I died at Minnie being excited for the Follow the Leader game. That's so darn cute. I bet Harry's friends are crazy about his little sister. Coach had to run back to work last night to pick up the 4 gallons of milk I dropped off there because it was out of my way to go home just then. I was bummed I didn't go with him, because ALONE time. That could've been our Menards.

  6. Such a fun (busy!) season for your family. Is it crazy to have a kid who is old enough to go to prom?!?!