Sunday, May 05, 2024

What's for Dinner

 GAH. End of semester. For everyone. I just went on my favorite grocery apps and ordered WAY TOO MUCH food for grab-and-go options-a-plenty.

We will have stuff on hand for:

Chicken Caesar wraps (with Costco caesar salad kits and giant Costco definitely-not-organic rotisserie chicken

MYO naan pizzas

Triple-cheese grilled cheese and instant pot tomato soup

Turkey spinach wraps

Buffalo chicken wraps (did I mention I also bought a one-million-pack of tortillas at Costco?)

Beef tacos, beans, chips and salsa, etc

I got an assortment of fruit to eat on the side plus green beans, broccoli, and Brussels as well as a variety of veggies to eat raw like peppers, cucumber, etc.


Moment of zen:


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    This is Lisa. My mom and MIL are always raving about the Costco rotisserie chickens. It would be a square on a ‘time around our parents’ bingo card if we made one. Ha. It sounds like you’ve come up with great grab and go options for this busy time of year! We are having ground turkey tacos tonight, burgers on Tuesday and chili another night, even though that is not at all a spring meal! So not very veggie forward options but so it goes… we (the adults) will have corn and asparagus with the burgers so at least there are veggies in that meal.

  2. It's so hard to feed people when the shit hits the fan, busy wise. It sounds like you have it under control, though. I don't think I've ever had a chicken Caesar wrap, though I've heard of them...I do love a good Caesar salad with chicken though, so we have that sometimes. It's supposed to get warm here later this week, maybe I'll do that for dinner one night...

  3. *Love* the Moment of Zen pics. Is the B&W you? I always think all your kids took after Ben, but this set makes me reconsider that premise.

  4. This sounds like a really good selection of well-rounded and nourishing grab-and-go options. I hope your busy week goes really well!

  5. This doesn't sound like phoning it in to me! Phoning it in would be ordering pizza and driving through taco bell. I think you're doing great.

  6. This is way more planned out than our week.

    I was at a hospital last week with my mom and as they were dropping off her dinner, they asked if I was hungry. I am always hungry, so I said of course and they said someone had been discharged before they ate dinner, so they had an extra tray. Would I like it? I did want it and I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. I haven't had a grilled cheese sandwich in ages and I'm drooling at the through of triple cheese!

  7. I felt like I phoned it in so much last week, so I went big and made a huge dinner of balsamic chicken and peppers. It was amazing. I have one more serving leftover for me for tomorrow when I serve everyone else pasta.