Wednesday, May 08, 2024

May Goals

 Something I now know about myself: my NYE (NEW YEAR ENERGY) takes a YUGE dip in March, might be salvageable in April unless major life events happen and then sort of tries to emerge again in May at the end of the academic year. How do I know this? From TRYING to touch base with monthly goals and track things like regular exercise (which I am still doing because I need to do it to be happy).



This month is the last one with someplace for the kids to go besides this house until SEPTEMBER. I am going to take advantage of the end of the school year (they go all month and the first week of June THANK GOD— literally) to figure out my summer goals-- starting with this current month. May is always hard to plan because the weather is weird in the midwest (hot this year-- I hope this is not how the summer is going to go), and all the kid activities are in flux. STILL. I need to get it together.

May Goals

1. Leave Madison for some quick day/overnight trips because we have not left Madison (except for a few MKE suburb sojourns for kid activities) THIS YEAR.

2. Staff my large fall class as completely as I can before the end of the faculty contract year.

3.  GET A HAIRCUT. It has been twelve weeks since I got a trim, and the shape of my hair is… not good? Like, it gets really heavy through the ends. And! It is a terrible length right now in that it looks ridiculous when it's even a little bit humid outside (IT HAS BEEN HUMID EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST 12 WEEKS), but I can't put it up. 

4. DYE MY FREAKING GRAYS before they are a disaster. This might be an early June thing, but STILL. (I also went a shade darker w/ my Madison Reed (Sondrio is my color), and they covered MUCH BETTER).

5. Read my 8 books of the month that have been languishing on my shelf for literal months

6. Keep up my weekday morning yoga streak-- love it!

7. Set a grocery budget and stick to it. (We are actually doing a really really good job of eating all of our food and also always having food on hand, but I think we could be thriftier. I think I am not using Costco to my advantage. Right now it is just a place where I spend tons of money on huge boxes of stuff I don't need, but actually? There ARE things there that are a better deal than the regular store, and I need to figure out what those things are and how I can stick to my list when I shop. My last 2 tripes have been in the DOUBLE DIGITS (WHAT) so I am def making progress).

8. Figure out my summer calendar. I have been scheduling private dance lessons for Dorothy and massage and acupuncture for myself with basically no thought to how my days will run-- THIS IS DUMB. Part of the problem is I am not sure exactly what the diving schedule looks like, and I have NO CLUE what the dance schedule is yet-- so nothing feels real. I know I am teaching for 90 mins in the morning for 6 weeks and that Minnie is doing part day camp 3 days a week at her school for 4 weeks during that time (DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT THE OTHER 2 MORNINGS OR THE 2 WEEKS BEFORE HER CAMP STARTS LOL SOB). I know she'll be doing evening swim lessons because of that (even though I would rather take her in the morning because I am very much NOT a quality time mom and prefer to do my activities with the rest of the burned out quantity time moms). But most of the rhythms of our days are totally unknown.*****

Gah, summer. Can't wait but also YIKES.

*****After I wrote this post, Cooper broke 2 toes in wood shop when he dropped a big piece of wood on his foot when he was helping his teacher move it. Soooooo. Diving? Baseball? Up in the air right now. **yikes face**


  1. Oh no! What a drag for Cooper. I hope they heal quickly. Ouch and *sigh*

  2. Gosh! So sorry about Cooper's toes! I hope he feels better and heals soon.

    And I'm excited for your very full and very fun summer!

  3. Two toes!!!! Yikes! Poor kid!

    Please share your double digit Costco magic with me because I can't get out of there for less than $300.

  4. Oh, poor Cooper. I hope it heals quickly.
    I GAVE UP my Costco membership because I always spent so much money and could never figure out how to use it efficiently.
    Other burnt-out quantity-time moms lol.
    My hair is also at a terrible stage and yet I persist in doing nothing about it.

  5. On no Cooper! Well- this could simplify your summer schedule! Although not by much. I don't know how you do it (seriously- I don't) but you always seem to figure it out. Good luck with the May goals!

  6. OH NO!! Those toes are blue, poor kid!!
    Summer... I am looking forward to it but at the same time the gaping hole of unstructured time kind of scares me. L is in the reservation camp for three weeks, while R is with me. Then Italy for two weeks (T is coming along for one week with us), then, it's the end of August.
    I hope Cooper is okay!

  7. Ugh! Foot/toe discomfort is the worst because it impacts the whole body. Heal your young bones quickly, Cooper!!

    My stylist went on maternity leave in December and I got a text from her on Friday that she's back and I immediately made an appointment ASAP because it has been FIVE MONTHS since my hair was cut. I usually go every eight weeks. (She had a difficult pregnancy, difficult birth, and then emergency postnatal surgery, so I do not begrudge her a second of this leave. It's just that this lady's hair is out of control, you know?)

  8. Anonymous7:04 PM

    This is Lisa - poor Cooper!! That sounds terribly painful! Summer sounds like madness with all the kids home! Your grocery bill must get even more ridiculous since they are eating most of their meals at home. I would be whimpering in the fetal position ha.

  9. Oh no. Poor Cooper. Ouch. I hope it doesn't mess up all of his summer plans. I usually spend about $400 at Costco every other week. :0

    I'm excited for summer, but I'm not sure yet if the girls will make swim team and I want to (need to) have plenty of structure in place. Best thing about summer will be no more chromebooks for the foster girls. I also have to spend a bunch of time with summer finding families to babysit for next summer. It's never ending. Good luck with your goals. You're Wonder Woman. You've got this!

  10. I recently got my hair cut and WHAT a difference it makes. I mean, it's still long blonde hair, but I had some layers put in and of course coloring the roots makes a huge difference. I hope you are able to get yours done soon!

    UGH on the toes, that is horrible!

    Double digits at Target? I'm thrilled whenever I can get out in double digits, but there are only three of us, and none of us are growing.

  11. Oh no - not broken toes! That really sucks for Cooper.

    Your summer schedule sounds insaaaane. Especially trying to coordinate all these different schedules on top of work/life/etc. GODSPEED.