Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A Monday-ish Tuesday

 My coffee pot broke this morning when I needed it the very most. It was a Christmas present YEARS ago and is not even around anymore (it was a pour over brewer, programmable, etc, AND IT MADE POUR OVER COFFEE at the touch of a button and I will miss it forever). But! Have you ever tried to manage the task of BUYING A NEW COFFEE POT without HAVING ANY COFFEE FIRST? Omg. I hope Wirecutter does not lead me astray because I panic ordered their best budget drip coffee maker because I could not even contemplate some sort of investment purchase at 5 am. As you can probably tell from the caps in this paragraph, I did manage to drink a bunch of coffee thanks to my emergency Mr. Coffee. THANK GOODNESS.

Other things on my mind this Tuesday that feels like a Monday:

1. I forgot how much towel laundry I suddenly have when it is pool season

2. My favorite pool towels are from Costco in literally 2017, and I hope Costco brings out some new ones this season because they have holes but are still so giant and absorbent I cannot part with them.

3. I have a massage this morning, and I cannot decide if the necessity of neck and scalp massage is actually worth having greasy hair all day long, but maybe because my neck hurts? I need to book massage on weekend mornings or later in the day.

4. We have a kid pick up situation today that is an impossible logic problem and this is why my kids have phones when they’re in fifth grade. Finally, garbage parenting pays off.

Minnie is a total water baby

It was high 60s and windy yesterday, and she swam until her lips were blue and her cheeks were purple.

And! SHE DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE despite being freeeeezing. Ben took her back after dinner. I really think, you guys, that we will linger at the pool after her swim lesson most nights until it’s time to toss her in the locker room shower and bring her home already in PJs and ready for bed.

I, however, DID want to leave because I needed to stay close to Minnie, meaning I was standing in the water and getting splashed and IT WAS FREEZING.

Coop played with her until the first adult swim, meaning I could stand by the edge with the giant men’s shirt I wear for a cover up still on, but then he was too cold to even think about getting back in.

Dorothy just sort of did this the whole time

On Sunday, Jack had drivers ed on the east side of town, so we all went along to stop him off in a bank parking lot where the driving instructors pick kids up (SO WEIRD), and we went to a Menards on the other side of town just for funsies because we know how PARTY.

And these days when I say “all” I really mean Ben, me, and the three youngest kids because Harry is WAY TOO COOL for us, and Jack usually is, too. I am crying on the inside, don’t worry.

I made DELICIOUS bean and veggie enchiladas this weekend with carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes, sweet potato, chili peppers, and spinach (plus so much cheese) in the pinto bean filling. I ended up just sautéing all the veggies with cumin, garlic, chili powder, etc, before I added beans and rolled them up. Then I smothered them is sauce and more cheese and baked them casserole style. 

Also— thanks for the recipe comments on my dinner post— can’t wait to try!!



  1. Costco has the best beach towels, I agree. I have had mine for a long time, maybe even before 2017, I can't remember honestly.
    A broken coffee maker is a desperate emergency!

  2. I love your strapless floral swimsuit! Did you get it recently? That is so my style! Although does it stay up well? Chances are you did not buy this recently so it's not something I could acquire if I wanted to.

    The broken coffee maker sounds awful. We have a cuisinart drip coffee maker that I love. It's been going strong for probably 10 years I think? We live a block from a coffee shop so if it broke, I'd have an easy back up plan to caffeinate, though. Phew. You don't want to interact with me with no coffee.

    I'm envious of your pool set-up. I would love to have a spot to go to like every night to entertain our kids. Instead, we go for a family walk which is nice, too. But that pool looks amazing!

  3. I have never bought a coffee maker without coffee, but that's because I don't drink coffee. Ever. I'm weird that way, I know. We've only had a coffee maker for a few years, since covid? Coach took one home from his office. He was also a non-coffee drinker for years, but the kids started whispering about - "Dad drinks coffee when he's at work." Ha. Why so secretive?

    My kids were always confused and lost on days when it wasn't pool weather. Those days were the best. All their friends were there. I loved summer so much. We were sad to switch gears this year, but they jacked the prices up so high and the pool was closed Mondays, and had a ton of broken chairs. It wasn't worth it. End of an era. But - we have a new pool that also has a low and high dive. The older girls went with me one day and they were like, WOW. THIS IS A STEP UP.

    Dorothy's dance moves are impressive. So flexible. So graceful.

  4. I'm laughing at the thought of you frantically buying a coffeemaker at 5 am. Yes, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time! But you got some caffeine in you, and that's the most important thing.
    Oh, brr. That time at the pool sounds SO COLD. Kids are so odd- how does this not bother them???
    Sooooo... when I give someone a scalp massage, I do it FIRST, before I put any oil on my hands. You can come to me and not end up with greasy hair! Yes, you might get a little oil in the hair right at the base of your neck, but that part won't really show.

  5. Carrie9:15 PM

    This may be a strange question, but the mug on your home page...the Table Tops Gallery mug in the Los Colores design. Do you have 1 of those you would like to sell? I got 2 as a gift from a very good friend and 1 of the broke. I am looking EVERYWHERE to get a match. I look forward to a reply...please?

  6. Oh my, coffee makers breaking in the morning is THE WORST... so I always have a backup where I can just do a hand-pour-over if necessary. There's always hot water and a pour-over cone in my house :)

  7. This happened to my mother. My father (who no longer drinks coffee, much to his chagrin) pulled out the backup pot he had ordered for it years ago. HA! Maybe you should do the same if the new one works?