Thursday, May 30, 2024

I really thought things couldn't get any more chaotic over here, and yet…

 Hello from an orthodontist appointment I do not have time to be at but am at anyway because %$*# me.

YOU GUYS. I wrote that sentence YESTERDAY, and then, I don’t know— Minnie needed me in the ortho waiting room and then Coop came out from his appointment and then we went to Minnie’s dance pictures which lasted 90 minutes longer than they were supposed to and I never returned to my blog because I kept thinking pictures would be over any second but then they weren’t and I had to run home and grab Dorothy for her dance pictures, stopping on the way to snag drive thru dinner for Coop and then leaving him alone because he could not even with more dance pics and the big kids were lifeguarding at two separate pools and YIKES.

Suddenly, I was cleaning up breakfast messes at 8pm, is basically all I can say about yesterday.

Minnie had an absolute BLAST playing with dance friends and sibs and having a picnic outside the studio while Dorothy did her own thing and got herself ready for pictures inside. This was a necessity because it was WAY TOOOOO HOT in there for menopausal me— I sweated through my sundress during the preschool slot, and it was only 60-something outside. I helped Dorothy switch her hairstyle from the cool comfort of a shaded bistro table on the patio while Minnie crashed a glamorous 20-something college student dance teacher dinner and I made awkward convo with them.


Coop and I thought it was a 3-hour tour and then found ourselves marooned for years at dance.

But we did get to see Serious Ballet Minnie
Also Cranky Hip Hop Minnie

This WEEK, you guys. 


I haven’t even started on the eleventy billion things I need to do before next weekend, which is both high school graduation AND Dorothy and Minnie’s dance recital. OMG. YOU GUYS.

One mind crushingly obvious thing I have been doing this week is  MAKING A TO DO LIST every day and actually do the things on it. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I want to stay in better touch with my planner this summer and do adult things like KNOW WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK IT IS most days (not even every day because BABY STEPS), and if I could just form the simple habit of making a list for the next day each night and touching base with it once or twice a day, I think I could meet this goal.

Yes, you guys, I did put makeup on my 3-year-old, and I liked it.


  1. Ha, Minnie in makeup- too cute!!! Yes, the day was chaotic but think of the fun the kids had! Well, except for Coop. It probably wasn't his favorite day ever, but he did get takeout for dinner.

  2. our dance show is this Saturday!! 4 dances between the 2 kids which is nothing compared to you and it's still A LOT!! today one kid has a rehearsal 20 min away from 4:30 - 6:20 and the other kid from 6:30 - 7:20. gahh! Ready for a little logistics break. (Then again just found out we'll be adding gymnastics team to the melange of craziness for next year and i am both excited and terrified.)

  3. also Minnie's hip hop outfit is MY FAVORITE.

  4. Kudos to you for making it to all those kids' appointments and events, Sarah! I would have dropped several of those balls if I had to juggle all of it! Next weekend is going to be epic!

  5. I wouldn't last a day in your life, Sarah. Maybe not an hour. BUT you do it really well and I can tell it energizes you. You love this stuff and your kids do and gold stars for making it all work!
    Minnie is ADORBS (as always).

  6. You got this! Fire hose, fire hose! ah, that feeling.. But Minnie is her yellow dress is just AWWWW

  7. Making memories with children is exhausting, isn't it?!

  8. OMG. 90+ minutes for photos. That is my personal he!!. Full stop. But Minnie does looks so very cute! Plus this is a big week w/ Harry's graduation which I imagine gives you a lot of BIG FEELINGS. At least I won't be contending with menopause when my kids graduate from HS!

  9. I am exhausted just reading this... but you apparently still don't have enough on your plate because HOW DO YOU STILL FIND TIME TO BLOG?? (LOL).

  10. Totally random thought from a childless stranger, but... maybe next year when Harry's at college, you could think about hiring a HS student to hang at home with kids-who-don't-need-to-come? Just a thought. Probably would happen like once a month, given your multiple drop offs and pick ups.