Sunday, May 26, 2024



Those three were the first kids in the water (always apply your first round of sunscreen at home) and got right back into their summer grooves.
Spirit fingers!

We order a pizza and a giant salad (with, honestly, a surprising mount of meat) first thing and could cross our first trash meal of the summer off the list before the season’s maiden adult swim. WINNING!

Cooper is too cool for a swim shirt/rash guard and also too cool to properly apply sunscreen because he uses a spray and NOT ENOUGH OF IT. Soooooo he is pretty burned on his shoulders and back— even his bro friends were giving him a hard time. Minnie has red cheeks. Dorothy has freckles (really cute ones) on her nose and cheeks, and I have a burned shoulder because I relied on Minnie to put sunscreen on my back, which was maybe not the best plan in retrospect. But! We were at the pool for 6.5 hours and put sunscreen on every single hour, so I feel like we get a solid B.

Dorothy and Minnie ended up eating this pizza all day long.

Dorothy decided she wants to join the summer league dive team and got herself 6 dives: front, back, back half twist, somersault, back summersault, inward.
Minnie’s bestie from preschool was there, and they played for HOURS and even hung out together by themselves at adult swim. Her friend was sitting in the snack area eating a corn dog like a regular person (which made us realize how very much we baby Minnie) and happily joined in for our kids’ second garbage meal of the day (another pizza! With fries!). She also shared her squirt guns with Minnie, and they were SO CUTE.
I wish I would have had someone take my picture in my mom suit because I truly think I found THE PERFECT MOM SUIT from Lands End. I liked it so much I bought it in purple AND black.

My dance mom friend came running over to me mid pool sesh to say THE SUMMER DANCE PLACEMENTS CAME OUT, and we ogled the list for quite awhile (luckily Ben was back from golf by then). But then! When I looked at the class schedule, I noticed a bunch of conflicts (as in classes meeting at the same time)… soooooo I still can’t plan because I imagine the schedule might change again? 

Ben and the boys golfed in the morning, which is adorbs, and they had a tee time for this morning, too, but it rained. And will rain aaaaaaall day.

Harry and Jack came on duty at 4 for their first lifeguard shifts of the summer.

But Jack still had a moment to take his little sister on the slide

We stayed from noon to 6:30 pm and ate TWO garbage meals plus all the snacks, and still it was not long enough for Minnie who was SO SAD to leave. (And slept from 7:15 pm to 6:45 am).
New slide! Same Dorothy!


  1. Well doesn't that look fun!
    I hear you on the sunscreen. In Mexico, I reapplied and stayed under the umbrella, but I missed a spot RIGHT above my bikini on my left breast, and wow, did I get burned. Here we are four months later and I still have a "tan line," which makes me feel very, very nervous. I guess it's a testament to how well sunscreens actually work!

  2. This looks so fun, Sarah!

  3. Anonymous2:47 PM

    This is Lisa. What a fun way to spend a nice, sunny day! Your weather was better than ours was yesterday. It was kind of cool and very windy! It’s nice to have a place the whole family can enjoy together! Taco still needs a nap so we aren’t quite at the pool membership stage since we can’t really make a day of it yet but maybe we will next summer! Your pool looks VERY nice though!!

  4. What a fabulous day! What a fabulous family! TWO garbage meals! That is a pretty good sunscreen count, actually. I remember the four-hour swimming naps after lessons. And isn't it the awesomest when your little kid runs into a friend and they just play forever and ever?

  5. That looks like so much fun... and I envy all the mom's who get to spend time at the pool. I don't have access to a pool (although we could really need it during the hot summer months) and I just don't feel I have the excuse of kids to go to a public pool ...

  6. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Love the suit! Our pool access is a little wonky this summer but I hope I work something out because I just ordered the suit in purple for myself.

  7. We love pool season here too! We joined a new pool this year and so far we really like it. It is actually heated, instead of pretend heated. There is so much more space for chairs and people around the pool. Also, there is sand volleyball and an outdoor b-ball court. Hoping for big fun to be had there. Also crossing fingers that the younger girls meet nice kids. It's a tad further from our house, so we don't know as many people who swim there.

    I love that you were there for so long and Minnie met up with a friend. What a great setup - with a slide! The boys working as lifeguards sounds like a bonus because it is one of your routine stops/hangouts. Here's to lots of great pool time this summer.