Wednesday, February 21, 2024

midweek blather

 When you make a new recipe, do you have to spend time prepping it and just like READING it over first? I just TOOK NOTES on tonight's dinner in my notebook like I am going to have to take a quiz. which I guess I am-- and that quiz is dinner.

To be fair, we will be coming in hot from dropping off Coop and Dorothy and a loooong traffic-y drive home with a small-ish amount of time to actually have dinner before the pickups, so I wanted to think about what can be done ahead in my tiny sliver of afternoon time (when I will also probably be dealing with laundry) and if I need to have a plate of snack ready for Minnie to eat (YES), etc.

BUT STILL. Actual notes. And it's an EASY RECIPE.

Got a mammogram!

Forgot how aggressive they are when choosing my tunic
This hilariously branded WI coffee is pretty great.
Ben was trying to convince her that you don't read every page of every book every time LOL for days. She did not buy it.
Sporty spice. 
Anyone else fall victim to social media ads for Tieks and find out they are actually pretty meh shoes but then wear them anyway because you already freaking spent the money? Grumble grumble.
She loves being back on the BIG RED MAT.


  1. I'd never even heard of Tieks. I have ENORMOUS feet so look ridiculous in ballet flats...

    1. Anonymous1:19 AM

      Where do you buy cute shoes?!

  2. I never purchase anything I haven't researched for an hour. I am too frugal for words. Sometimes when I pick out my free samples in a Sephora order, I don't research and then I feel guilt because maybe if I'd done a bit more digging, I would have known that the sample smelled like dead fish.

  3. Yay for a mammogram!

  4. I probably don't allow enough time to review and read over a new recipe. Then we end up eating super late.

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Yes, agree the Tieks don't really live up to the hype. I asked for them for a milestone birthday from my husband, so it both was and wasn't "my" money that was spent on them, but I almost feel ostentatious wearing them, like people will know how much I spent on my shoes and be horrified. I am obviously not a big spender normally. Plus they are not really as comfortable as advertised I don't think.

  6. Lisa’s Yarns8:14 PM

    This is Lisa. I have not heard of Tieks but I am not in the know on anything!! I hope they become more comfy with time!

    I don’t make new recipes much but when I do, I also try to figure out what can be done ahead of time to streamline the process!

  7. Mammograms always make me anxious, but that tunic is such a cheery color on you. And such cute pictures of your doll babies!

  8. I am Team Read the Whole Recipe Multiple Times, haha. I need to know what I need to do every step of the way so I don't get behind, which stresses me out!

    Good job getting your mammogram!

  9. I read recipes then modify. Ha! And yes, mammograms. Anxiety-provoking and also slightly mortifying (even though I know that is what they do all day...). Particularly when I've seen the tech in another capacity (e.g., when they're covering regular x-ray). Also slightly (more) mortifying - running into a colleague in the hall post-mammo. Ha!

  10. Leena Trivedi-Grenier1:09 AM

    I read the recipe AND the comments, which lets you know if it’s good and how to make substitutes. Then I look up 2 similar recipes and compare ingredients and methods of all 3. Then I Frankenstein it together, and yes all of notes. I have made some amazing recipes that are now lost to winds of time bc I didn’t take notes. Also, tieks are trash, such a waste of money. I’ve been loving Charix. A bit of a loafer but works well with any outfit, cushioned and all leather. I own 3 pairs.