Friday, February 02, 2024

5 on a Friday: Things I cooked and baked this week (5/52)

 1. THESE chicken quesadillas. They were a crowd pleaser, and we ended up with 3 leftover, which was perfect for lunches. We also really liked the jalapeño dip and will make again.I also prepped the meat ahead when we grilled on Sunday and sautéed the veggies day-of in a skillet when I had a few random afternoon minutes. I used an electric griddle to make them all at dinner time because it was not grill out weather (WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE SUN IN WEEEEEEKS)

2. THIS sheet pan dinner (taco Tuesday and all its variations and sheet pan Wednesday are serving us well so far in 2024)

3. THESE s’mores bars (so good I had to make them again the next day because Cooper cried real tears that they were all gone before he could have one.)

4. SCOTCHAROOS— such a classic

5. Oatmeal scotchies (with 1 cup butterscotch chips leftover from the scotcharoos and 1 cup chocolate chips)— Minnie LOVES these so much.

What about you? Any successful kitchen projects this week?


  1. Well, it has been back to the kitchen grind for me. Nothing new this week, Tonight is my favourite dinner, Greek salad with hummus and pita!

  2. Hmm. I got through the week and somehow we ate a dinner every night- but it wasn't pretty.
    I've always wanted to make Scotcharoos! Believe it or not they would be easy to make vegan- there's a kosher market near me that sells vegan butterscotch chips (it's kind of weird that I know that, right?) Maybe I'll make them this weekend.

  3. Nice work on all of the successful cooking and baking. I was gone for most of the week so I haven't make anything since last weekend. But I made a great lentil soup on Saturday and the boys and I made monster cookies on Sunday. Tonight I'm making chicken tikka masala with cauliflower and peas - but only Phil and I will eat that.

  4. I am doing a fast with my church so am literally drooling over all the food people are discussing this week in the blog world. I've made some great food for the kids - nachos, a seafood chowder...and have eaten NONE of it. We're breaking our fast with a big communal feast which sounds very festive...and I am literally counting down the hours!

    I need to do more sheet pan meals. They're so good and so easy. Demerit to me for doing it once, loving it, and then forgetting about that option.

  5. I love "The Modern Proper"... I've tried tons of their recipes!! The chicken quesadillas look amazing.

    I've been cooking a pretty delicious creamy cabbage soup recently that I will be making again soon.