Thursday, February 08, 2024

Puking, dead dryer, living the dream, etc

Yesterday at dance, Minnie’s class got to try on their costumes and perform their dance (they have learned like 8 seconds of choreo in 3 weeks) for their parents, and I went into the studio (WE DANCE IN STUDIO C FOR COOPER AND C3PO, she always says) without my phone. What. The whole thing was darling— the costumes! The kids’ reactions to the costumes! The DANCE. It is a garden song, so the boys are wearing white overalls and yellow gingham shirts, and the girls have the most ludicrously adorable tutu dresses with yellow bodices and white and yellow tulle (white skirts with yellow embroidered flowers and matching little ruffles on top) with big green bows on the back of the skirt and for their hair. We did not get to take the costume home because the costume director is sewing some crystals on it first, which is even more extra. And! They wear little white lace gloves (MITTENS). It’s too cute. Because it is a combo class, she will also have a hip hop costume (they are birds dancing to Disney’s Tiki Room song), and I cannot even wait. I WILL HAVE MY PHONE IN MY POCKET MY GOODNESS on hip hip costume day.

Here she is practicing at home LOL LOL LOL

The other week when we went to the library and got the virus of doom, she checked out a Disney princess cookbook and wanted to make wands out of tortillas and colored sugar. She finally got the chance!

Nailed it

(Yes they were super gross. HOW DID YOU KNOW?)

Speaking of doom viruses! Cooper has a stomach bug that he is still not quote over (and shared with Ben). He got sick on Friday morning before school, only I didn’t believe him that he was sick because he was not been eating lately and then having low blood sugar at dive and I just thought he was being a jerk because he wanted fast food for every meal. But then! He puked all over the kitchen counter. THE KITCHEN COUNTER. YOU GUYS. WHO PUKES THERE?? And because I am such a good mom, I was like YOU CAN’T PUKE ON THE COUNTER! And he was like where do you want me to go? And all the other kids started popcorning answers— the trash, the sink, the floor, any bathroom, just on yourself— which was pretty funny.

His coach asked that he please try to make it to hockey on Saturday because they were playing for a state tournament bid. He did! Another kid on the team came with the same bug, and another kid was questionably close to a covid bout, but it was fine and they did their very best and lost 2-3. Coop did not have very much in the tank, was running on two swigs of Gatorade and a bagel in terms of 24-hour calorie intake,  and this is how pale he was after 75 minutes of hockey: 

That whole scenario would never have happened in 2021 when I was still so anxious or even last year. But the world of constant preschool illness has changed me I guess. (It’s a weird bug— one day of puking and fever and then several of lingering stomach pain— he is going to school today **fingers crossed**)

I woke up to a dead dryer, so send me good appliance availability vibes. Yikes.



  1. Oh no - puke AND a dead dryer (when you really want stuff extra clean!). Hoping the boy and the dryer are 100% soon.

    That costume sounds like the cat's meow! Minnie must love it.

  2. Didn't you just replace your washer?! What's going on over there?!

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      10 loads a day LOL but also sob

  3. Oh geez, another stomach virus? That is terrible! Paul had a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago but he only threw up once and no one else got it, magically.

    Oh man, a dead dryer!!! Gah!!

  4. Noooooo! Not a dead dryer!

    Also - yikes, stomach bug. And puking ON THE COUNTER? Whew.

  5. Whoa, that is one pale face. Right on the kitchen counter, I guess it is time to burn the house down, sorry to say.
    A dead dryer is better than a dead washer but still sucks so much. Mine died in 2021 and my husband had to physically restrain me from going to Walmart and buying every drying rack they had. Instead he FOUND ME ONE AT HOME DEPOT AND INSTALLED IT HIMSELF THE NEXT DAY and never have I been so much in love.

  6. Shake those tail feathers Minnie!

    BAH on barf and dead dryers, I hope it magically decides to start working tomorrow for some reason.

    Do you think it would help if you put up a sign for your kitchen that says, 'No Puking on the Counter'? It could come with the excellent other options.

  7. Just a head's up - there is a nasty strep variant going around locally that causes vomiting (I know, what?) and can lead to severe strep-related symptoms, too. It also seems to have this pattern of barf-no barf-barf-no barf. Just in case any of the others come down with the dreaded barfs. Bleah.