Monday, February 19, 2024

Dance the day away

 I am the worst dance mom because I only got pictures of Dorothy in 3/6 costumes. I will do better next month.

I am the team dance mom for the tap dance (sparkly red above), and I really thought I had my shit together. I sent a perky message on the team app with my cell number and a link to a packing checklist and our team style guide. I bought a bunch of snacks and drinks for the kids in case they needed a pick-me-up because Dorothy gets cranky, and I made sure I was backstage at the appropriate time to gather them together and check costumes real fast.  That's when everyone found out that I'm the worst. A darling little tapper asked me for body glue to help her gloves stay up, and I just blinked blankly at her. "You're the dance mom," she said in a super disappointed tone. I WAS DISAPPOINTED TOO. I have ordered body glue, so next month I AM ALL GOOD, but probably no one will trust me by then. ALSO all of the other dance moms got group pics before the dance. I DID NOT. I AM TERRIBLE AT THIS JOB, but I swear I am going to do better. LOL but also **crying face**

Her dance bag, though, was **chef's kiss**. I am soooo glad we bought one.

Minnie loved EVERYTHING, especially when Dorothy and a dance friend practiced makeup on her the day before the big day

She also loves shopping for makeup

And Dorothy, tween that she is, is suddenly into skin care. I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS

But seriously, the best pic I took at dance--besides Minnie dancing-- was this souvenir strip of eyelashes that somehow found its way onto my jeans



  1. Oh goodness, I'm pretty positive that I didn't know about body glue, but I've never been a dance mom. I hope Dorothy is having a fabulous time with the practice and competition!

  2. Oh that's typical- you did SO MUCH, and then the one crucial thing they needed, you didn't have. Live and learn- you will crush it next time! I'm sure not having the body glue didn't ruin that dance.
    Love the pic of Minnie wearing makeup!!!

  3. BODY GLUE WTF. If you were not given a list of things you should have and do then screw 'em, you're golden. It's hard to know how to do it better without doing it once.
    Minnie's emo makeup photo! I used to lug Angus to Eve's dance class now and then but all he did was eat chips and play his GameBoy.

  4. Look. You can't be great at all the things. That wouldn't be fair! I bet at least two of the other dance moms didn't have snacks. And I'll take feeding cranky children over body glue EVERY DAY

  5. Lisa’s Yarns6:13 PM

    This is Lisa. You are making me so glad I have boys that I highly doubt would be drawn to dance. I would epically fail as a dance mom. What even is body glue? Is there an orientation or a check list? I would need that. Minnie looks about 15 in the photo with her in make up!!

  6. Oh brother. This post gives me serious PTSD from my decade plus as an Irish dancing mom. I once went to a dance competition with 5 kids. Solo. I thought I could manage, but the stages were so far about and I was zig zagging around the venue to watch the kids dance. I got yelled at by the dance teacher when I showed up late to have Mini get her makeup done, ect by the dance moms. My girlfriend was amazed that I didn't yank all of my kids from the team competitions and just walk away after the verbal beating I took. It was very public and everyone froze. Eek. You couldn't pay me to go back. Shudder.

    Mini's makeup is hilarious.

  7. BODY GLUE. Of course!! It's always the one thing that you forget.

    The tween girls are so into skincare these days! It's kinda crazy, although I know I was concerned as an acne-prone tween. I think it's fun to let them experiment at this age and see what they like!