Friday, December 02, 2022


 Wow! You all asked some EXCELLENT questions about my old posts, and I sure do have follow ups.

First of all, do not worry about little Thanksgiving me. I was embarrassed for sure, but it was NBD and I got a new plate of food. Breaking the table did not put a damper on my eating, and I was the only kid in the library at the kid table, so I mostly was able to keep my fall to myself, despite having a blouseful of yams. Until I got a blog.

Ohhhhh the "water breaking" story. YOU GUYS. I got a lot of mileage out of that one and performed it in 2016 as part of Listen to Your Mother.

Ben is OK. Ironically, HARRY (who does still love thteak) is the one with a heart problem. Ben gets a racing heart when he is dehydrated and has since figured that out and drinks tons more water. Still has high cholesterol but not toooooo high, and we FOR SURE still eat cheese on the regular. Pretty sure it is required in WI.

Oh, our sweet little baby house. We definitely still live there, and even though there are 5 bedrooms, we are a liiiiiiiittle crammed in. Harry and Jack would like to not share a room anymore, which makes sense because they aren't elementary schoolers anymore (heck, Jack was a PRESCHOOLER). Also, except for paint, we haven't changed anything, and things are starting to NEED TO BE CHANGED. And! We need new mattresses! And our appliances are starting to show thaqeir age. That's the problem with a brand new house and brand new everything to go inside it-- it all shows its age at the same time.

I have complained about my weight off an on since the start of this blog, but a couple of years ago, I just stopped doing weird diets (WHOLE 30 I AM LOOKING AT YOU) and found what the gurus call food freedom. I eat what I want when I want it and generally don't worry about food at all ever. I am heavier than I am at my thinnest but well under my heaviest weight. **shrug** It's pretty great. But also I still want to be smaller. Hegemony is a pain in the butt.


  1. What a great idea to do a "follow-up" post. Hope you had a fab time at Disney! Looking forward to updates.

  2. Thanks for the follow-ups... no way to keep us wondering ;)