Thursday, December 29, 2022

Yesterday, a magical time capsule of a day

 Ben worked for like 15 hours yesterday AWAY FROM THE HOUSE which is very Before Times in and of itself. He hosted a work holiday party after being on campus all day, so he left before the kids were all up and came home right in time for Minnie's bedtime.

To make things even more nostalgic, the kids are all home for winter break. Jack had early morning dive practice, but otherwise we were just all home together like back in the endless day. We had a full table for lunch! The 3 little kids and I went to Target to spend their Christmas money and shop aimlessly! Everyone lingered in their PJs fighting lazily all morning! It was just like old times.

I decided to take Dorothy and Cooper to see the new Puss in Boots movie (mostly because I did not have 3 freaking hours to see Avatar, and Black Panther showtimes were weird) even though we could have just rented it on Amazon. Jack tagged along because the movie theater! Is there anything more nostalgic than the movie theater?! We bought tickets the day before for a nap time show, buying them early so we could score our favorite seats in the exact middle of the second-to-last row. I made everyone buy a box of movie candy at Target for $1 because it's like $6.95 at the theater, and they grumbled about it just like they used to. I did buy giant fountain sodas (gasp!), an extra-large tub of popcorn with butter (that gave Cooper a terrible stomach ache because OMG that butter), and a pizza when we got there, though.

 I assumed the movie would be terrible (which was fine with me-- taking the kids to see terrible movies used to be my number one way to kill an afternoon when I had a houseful of tinies) and I could nap, but it was actually ... kind of cute, and I mostly stayed awake.

Which brings me to the fly in our ointment-- Minnie also stayed awake at home with Harry because she spiked a fever ad started leaking out of her nose and eyes (she is SO GOOPY). She actually coughed herself awake moments after we left the house, so Harry's afternoon changed from playing Xbox with a baby monitor next to him to playing with a sick, sad two-year-old who was pretty pissed off to find no one else home. He's such a great kid (no sarcasm).

We got home to a messy house and tons of laundry to fold, so I did general housework with everyone underfoot-- so nostalgic. We had bacon, eggs, and pancakes for dinner, and Harry ditched us to have dinner with friends and go see a hockey game WHO CAN BLAME HIM? Jack helped me clean up and watch Minnie while Dorothy and Cooper had some sort of death match downstairs (don't ask; don't tell), and Ben came home like a conquering hero to clean up the basement while I sat in silence gearing up to dose Minnie with yucky meds (Tylenol-- she's very dramatic and also not in the mood for any of my ministrations after a COVID test) and slog through bath and bedtime. 

BUT I MADE IT! I dozed on the couch while Ben and Jack watched Willow and we waited for Harry to come home, and I went to sleep happy to have had one more day home with little kids driving me semi-nuts.

Before she dissolved into snot and sadness, Minnie spent her Christmas money very decisively:

She has really done a number on her sweet little room lately

Lunch. Dorothy and I had already moved on to the fudge course

A slightly creepy doll

Movie crew


  1. That all sounds quite lovely, except for the goopy feverish two year old. Her doll is magnificent -- I love how they are basically the same size! Hope she feels better soon!

    1. I am creeped out by the doll, but she said Tiana come home to my house? At Target, so it was love at first sight.

  2. Ugh to the fever and it interrupting nap! That is the absolute worst! We are all miraculously healthy but Will is getting his 3rd 2-year molar and it is making him GRUMPY and I think is causing early wake-ups. And I'm not sleeping well in the first place since on a high dose of steroids for an RA flare so gah. It's not great but I keep telling myself we are close to the finish line of teething. Molars are just brutal for our boys!!

    But aside from Minnie not feeling well it sounds like a really wonderful day! Going to a movie with the kids sounds delightful! And my mom made us bring allll of our own snacks to the theater. She would make popcorn and put it in brown paper bags for us and hide them in her purse. And we'd get candy at the grocery. But they had 5 kids and were not about to spend alll that money on concessions on top of movie tickets!! So I get it!

    1. MOLARS! I always forget to factor in teething, and while that’s not the only thing going on with Minnie it could absolutely be contributing!

  3. Poor Minnie.

    I love going to the movies. We go maybe once or twice a year, but I'd love to make it a more regular occurrence. It's just such a fun event and I LOVE getting out of the house, yet it requires so little of me (sit in a comfy chair and eat candy for 2 hours and NOT have to sweep or vacuum the rug afterward - sign me up). Yet, now with streaming services I hate spending the money because we can watch a bajillion movies at home for "free" (obviously not free because we're paying for subscriptions, but you know what a mean).
    Still...I want to do more movies in 2022!!

    1. Agree about the movies at home— the money! The germs! Home almost always makes more sense.

  4. Woah, that doll is huge! Or Minnie is mini LOL

  5. I'm laughing because it looks like Minnie is trying to poke out Tiana's eyes, which is often what my reaction is when I come face to face with the scary dolls that have eyes that open when you bring them up to a standing position. So. Darn. Scary.