Friday, December 16, 2022

5 on a Friday: SNOW DAAAAAAY (Yesterday) Edition

 1. Our snow day started early. Well, mine did.

 Back story: For her ENTIRE LIFE, Minnie has woken up early any time I have set an alarm (which is why I have been soooo unproductive since her birth— I can count on ONE HAND the number of times I have set an alarm in the past 2 years), and yesterday was no exception. I needed to get up at 5:20 to make sure Jack got out the door with his dive practice carpool by 5:40, and Minnie was up to nurse in the mid-4’s and would not be satisfied with Ben’s offer of a bottle and hug LOL. I went back to bed at 4:53, knowing my alarm was going off in 27 minutes. And when it did? My body was like I AM AWAKE, which, blergh. 

While Jack and I were sitting on the couch (he was sitting— I was curled up under a blanket) waiting for his ride, we got a text, an email, and a phone call telling us school was cancelled. We were SHOCKED because if the city had actually plowed the streets, school would have been fine. It was above freezing by noon, and the roads were FINE. 

2. But I am not someone to look a gift horse in the mouth— SNOW DAYS ARE THE BEST. Telling kids that school has been cancelled is one of the very funnest parenting tasks.

(Minnie had nowhere to go, but she was also SO HAPPY to have all her people home all day— and also whipped cream on her waffles)

3. Dorothy and Cooper went sledding IMMEDIATELY, and I took Minnie to sled and play on the school playground after my 9:30 meeting (with Dorothy). Then Coop and Ben shoveled out our house and our neighbors down the street. I had more meetings, and Dorothy and Cooper went to play with brother/sister friends for two hours because their friends’ mom is a saint. Harry had bro time with his friend down the street and played some tennis while Jack listened to his audio book and just like, aggressively, chilled (SUPER JELLY)

4. Just when we were going stir crazy, Coop and Dorothy had evening activities, so I made an exceptionally lazy kid dinner, and we just sort of hung out peacefully until bath time.

5. To end the day, Ben and I had drinks and this amazing plate of snacks for dinner while we watched the Christmas episode of Murderville with the boys. Also! I am ONLY watching Christmas TV this month, and while I am not as serious about it as I was in 2020 we are watching some delightfully bad movies.
(Look at that jerk face dishwasher in the background— doing its job but probably planning its next vacation).



  1. A) Your posts are delightful. (Look at that jerk face dishwasher in the background— doing its job but probably planning its next vacation). Stuff like the dishwasher comment? They cement my adoration for how you write.

    B) You LIKE SNOW DAYS? They drive me crazy! I usually have lunchboxes prepped, the kids go stir crazy and I HATE snow. I am such an unfun mother. My kids love snow days and I don't think they know how much I dread them, so I think they won't need intensive therapy as adults to process my distain for snow days...but I would be the happiest mother on the planet if we could get away with less than 5 snow days this winter. Last year I think it was around 15?! And, so often the roads were fine by like 8:30 AM. They'll do early dismissals...why can't we do late starts.

    I love my kids, but I tend to love them even more when they come home from a busy day of school and I've managed to get my work done in peace.

    1. I also like the kids EVEN MORE after school-- this is a golden mom truth

  2. Hooray! A snow day! When my kiddo was younger, I dreaded snow days -- it was hard enough trying to entertain her on the regular days off, let alone add in a surprise day! But now that she is older, I love them. Those photos of your kids are so joyful! And I am so envious of all your snow!

    I love that you watch only Christmas tv all month -- HOW do you get others in your family to go along with it? I always tell myself I should watch more cheesy Hallmark-esque holiday movies, but I never do. There's still time, though!

    1. I barely watch TV-- like an hour at night with the big kids and Ben, so it's only a tiny fraction of their viewing LOL