Sunday, December 11, 2022

Thanksgiving in Naples

 So much to be thankful for-- seeing the grandparents, beautiful weather, dinner outside and leftovers on the beach. We went to the Naples Zoo-- a favorite of mine-- and spent loads of time in the pool. Real talk: I miss Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house (I actually miss their house so much), but if it can't be West Des Moines, Iowa, before 2014, then WHY NOT THE BEACH?

The LOOOOOOONG drive was completely worth it to see Ben's folks and their pretty house, The kids cannot even get over how cool it is to HAVE A POOL IN YOUR HOUSE WHAT, and I am not far past that.

We stayed up late talking and snacking and playing games, and we had so much fun visiting their community pool, riding in their golf cart, playing bocce ball, and wishing we could be retired, too (I can retire in 14 years with my full pension. That's NO TIME).

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