Thursday, October 03, 2019

Whole30 Post Mortem

Oh Fall, We love you so much!

The above shot is a sneak peak from our fall holiday card photo shoot, and I heart it and cannot even wait to see the rest.

Ben and I drank delicious red wine and ate pizza and cheese our first night of Whole30 freedom, and I woke up the next day feeling dirty.  I want to not gain a bunch of weight back, and I also want to feel good.  But!  At the same time, I want to not be super weird about food (so, be normal about food?).  So, here's what life post-Whole30 will look like for me:

1.  The occasional drink:  Like twice a week max.  No more glass of wine every night.  Instead, I will stick to my favorite Whole30 tea ritual.  (Something sweet with almond milk and cinnamon)
2. Ghee all day.  I like ghee, and it seems to not bother my stomach the way butter does with eggs or the way olive oil does all of the time.
3.  Nuts to me!  Cashews are my favorite Whole30 snack, and I am going to keep on eating them.  I also feel in love with this paleo cereal and plan to keep it in heavy rotation.
4.  So much almond milk.  Who needs cow's milk?  Not this girl.
5.  Weird condiments.  I think I am going to save my sugar for dessert and wine and keep up with Whole30 salad dressing and also compliant sauces.  I need real mayo because avocados still murder my stomach, but the rest of the hippie condiments are keepers.  Especially since Target now has Tessa Mae's!
6.  No grains whenever possible.  Like, you guys, I ordered gluten free pizza on Tuesday because I think something I have been eating on the regular disturbs me in a low-grade way.  Maybe it's wheat?

Bottom line: I do not want to gain a bunch of weight back, and I am going to try to be healthier in general.  I also know that I am a better abstainer than moderator, so maybe simply cutting things out will be easier than rationalizing with myself along the way?  Anybody have thoughts?

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