Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Marigold Festival Weekend; Whole 30 real talk

We got up at the crack of dawn o Saturday to head to Pekin and celebrate the Marigold Festival.
 Firs stop: THE PARADE where the kids rolled around and collected gutter candy for almost 2 hours

 Next, we headed to the riverfront park to check out my dad's memorial bench.

 We all adore the bench and its location, near the path my mom and dad waked on during my mom's lunch hour and also near the playground where my dad and I brought the kids on Sunday mornings after greasy spoon breakfasts while Ben slept in.  My brother knocked the bench inscription out of the park.

In memory of Gary R. Meinen.  He built his life with love, generosity, and devotion.  We miss him every day.

And, we do.

 In other weekend news, Cooper kicked off his birthday
 (Spoiler alert!  Already built it!)
 We also attended the Art in the Park portion of Marigold weekend.  Dorothy LOVED IT, obvi.
 Why yes, yes I did buy the t-shirt.  Aren't you jelly?
 I coukd not resist.  Also, I think this sign is telling me that three is the ideal number of kids, but, like, seriously, whose husband even wants to be in this pic?

 We stopped by our favorite art-adjacent park:
 And then we attended a new addition tot eh Fest: the Lagoon Glow, which was a lovely lantern launch.  You could get your lantern ahead of time and decorate it to honor a loved one and turn it in at the information gazebo (everything about this small town festival is adorable).  Then, Marigold staff lit and launched all the lanterns at once at sunset.  It was my favorite.

 Ben's too, obvi.   Do you love his Marigold tan?
 So pretty!!
 Evcen though we are on the Whole30, we selflessly took the kids to Double D's.
 And Harry was a good Gar stand in Saturday night.
 We went home early the next morning because first grade soccer is serious business.

 F I V E goals!
 And I ran some errands with my little shopping buddy.
 Before setting up Cooper's bday.

All in all, it was a terrific weekend, and I already have next year's fest on my calendar.

And!  Ben, my mom, and I all stayed Whole30 compliant all weekend long.  Which was a slog.  For me, weekends are harder than weekdays on Whole30 because I just want to unwind with a cocktail or some wine.  I have to admit, in the summer, it is hard for me to confine this unwinding to the weekend, which is another benefit of a September Whole30.  I think it will be WAY EASIER for me to indulge less after not indulging at all.  (Maybe.  I am definitely a person who has a problem with moderation).

Whole30 is really hard in terms of meal prep.  I feel like I am spending way more time in the kitchen, and I think I am worrying more about food.  On the flip side, I am definitely thinking of food as fuel, not reward, and I feel flipping fantastic.  So much energy!  Such stable moods!  This way of eating is GOOD FOR ME.

Oh my gosh-- you want too see pictures of my weekend food?  Well, I am so glad you asked!

Real talk: There's no reason why I can't eat like this all of the time.  Like, why not do Whole30 lunch and snacks and then let myself have a dessert with dinner?  Or some real butter?  The last meal was particularly delicious and filling.  Anyone have particular success with life after Whole30?  How'd you do it?

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  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Maintaining whole 30 afterwards is hard! We've had success maintaining whole 30 Monday - Friday afternoon - giving ourselves freedom to order the pizza or have a drink on Friday night. We also loosen up a bit on the weekends, but have found that if we start with a solid whole 30 breakfast it helps in keeping the days from completely unraveling.