Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Holiday Hyperdrive

 It SNOWED, and that made aaaaaaall the difference in my holiday motivation level.

SNOW! Minnie calls snow a NO DAY (snow day), and she is HERE FOR IT.

Between the strawberry eyes and the blueberry blood stains in the foreground, this guy was TERRIFYING

LOVE it.

Before Snow, I was more focused on the end of the semester. After Snow, I am all cozy holiday season all the time. I have been baking like CRAZY— a new treat every day since nothing lasts more than one day except the literal gross of peanut butter blossoms I made that lasted overnight. Plus, we have already made and devoured a whole city’s worth of ginger people (will def make more).


I have never made these chocolate peppermint kiss cookies before, but everyone liked them a lot, and I think we’ll make them again
Apparently a bear foraged these brownies. You can’t even see how impossibly thick the chocolate frosting is OR the cute holly berry sprinkles.
The only pic I got of my snickerdoodles LOL
Currently, I have really thick slices of chocolate chip banana bread sweating under a cake dome that I plan to serve for breakfast with cocoa and possibly yogurt. SPEAKING OF COCOA! It’s become a bit of an evening thing for me.
How freaking jolly is that?

Also! I mailed my Chrismukkah cards, finished my shopping, AND WE FINALLY GOT A TREE. We went to a tiny little tree farm (not our usual place) that’s really close to our house on Friday night, our one free evening because the snow storm canceled all evening activities. We skidded into the lot minutes before closing, found the most excellent pre-cut, and brought it home. Then we had pizza and apps and DECORATED THE HECK out of that thing before NORMAL BEDTIME. So, so, so ideal.

The kids LOVE decorating the tree, so of course I took exactly one picture. I am being sarcastic because obviously I want to document things they love. But also! I was living in the moment, so **shrug**
Minnie and Dorothy were so moved by the spirit that they turned our Costco grocery delivery boxes into a train headed to the North Pole.

This motivated Ben to get out our old Disney train to put around the tree, and it blew Minnie’s little mind. She said “It go round and round. It magic!”

Did I I mention there is SLEDDING?!?! It’s a winter wonderland over here, folks.


  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Well this is adorable!! There is nothing like snow to put you in the holiday spirit! We got 8” in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago and it definitely helped get me in the spirit. Now we are in Mexico missing out in a potentially huge storm and I am not sad! Ha!

    (This is Lisa from Lisa’s Yarns. Google is being dumb and won’t let me log in!)

    1. This was lovely snow because it was also in the 30's. This week? Freezing AND a blizzard, far less likable!

  2. You are my hero. I curl up in a ball in the corner and sob when the snow arrives. And look at you out LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE.
    I was smiling so big about everything in this post!! The cookies and treats! The tree! The hot chocolate! Minnie being...Minnie (that train comment is too cute - it IS magic).
    Yay. You've made me feel jollier (though I'm perfectly content that we haven't had any snow yet).

    1. This was warm teaser snow. Now we have our this-place-is-horrible-why-do-we-live-here snow. But just until APRIL.

  3. Wow, you guys can put away a lot of cookies, that is awesome! My husband is pre-diabetic and my daughter is post-anorexic, so neither of them will really eat them. My daughter might eat one or two, but otherwise they would just sit there waiting for me to hit the 3pm slump and want a cookie and some tea. So we don't bake. If we do, I send them to work with them. (I work from home, so can't foist them off on my coworkers.)

    Your pictures make me miss snow. It hasn't snowed here in decades. I mean, it has dusted nearby (very) occasionally, but never even that at our elevation, at least since 1975. Crazy. I lived with snow in Alaska as a young child, and in Philadelphia for a couple of years as an adult. So your lovely pictures make me wistful.

    1. SO MANY COOKIES!! I also love this snow, but only for a second. I think you have the better deal.

  4. I am so envious of your snow!!! There is almost nothing better than a snow-loving toddler in the snow. Not that I have a toddler anymore, but my kiddo loves it to this day and it's so pretty. I am hoping we get some snow before Christmas but I guess I will not hold my breath.

    Minnie's comment about the train is so adorable!!! I love how wondrous things are through the eyes of a little one.

    1. It's been a little over a week, and I am already over the snow