Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Whole30, Again

After losing 7 pounds and gaining the ability to wear all of the jeans in my closet again, I was of course totally hooked on the Whole30.  I thought I would eat mostly Whole30 compliant forever, but then I started baking cookies (I cannot keep my fat mitts out of the dough) and getting drunk on the regular and things started to slide from there.  So!  April 3 (because we had the reunion over the weekend) I got back on the horse.

This is Day 2.

It's easier to do this diet not pregnant because I can eat hot dogs!  And lunch meat!  And tuna!  But it's also harder because I can't get away with milk in my coffee and a big old glass of milk at the end of the day.

I was really hungry yesterday, so hungry that when I stopped at Whole Foods to buy milk and rotisserie chicken and wine for Ben and compliant dressing and other things, I also had to buy a Larabar or I was going to eat my own arm (also compliant!) before I got home, despite my snack of a handful of cashews and the world's biggest apple.  Also, I need to lay off the cashews because I think I ate 4 servings.  At least 3.5.  In a single day!

These are delicious and I realize I could make them at home with a spiralizer, but this way, someone else made all the damn mess.

 She had mini cinnamon rolls as soon as we checked out.  I was jealous.
 I sauteed my veg noodles in ghee and threw a couple of fried eggs on top and ate them with a side of spinach/arugula-- a perfect little lunch.
 Totally boring and delicious dinner-- the salad had tomatoes and blueberries, which was an interesting combo.
 This is delicious!  And the only almond milk at Whole Foods that was fully compliant.  WTF, lecithin and carrageenan?
 Two trips away have been really rough on her fairy garden.  Ooops.

 The mind blowing excitement of a BUBBLE MACHINE at story time.

Usually, there is a book-themed craft, but yesterday (which was all about pirates) the librarian finished with a book about a pirate bubble bath and then said in lieu of crafts the kids would dance with shakers and scarves and bubbles.  And Shake It Off came on the speakers, and Dorothy lost her mind even though she likes it better when the pig sings it (in Sing).

I woke up at 5 to work (and yes, blogging is a thing on my to-do list) and discovered a front hallway totally full of dog poop.

I hope this is not a metaphor for my day.

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