Monday, December 05, 2022

I owe you vacay updates, but today I am too grumpy

 We had so much fun at Disney and in Florida with Ben's parents, and I want to tell you all about it, but I am feeling way way way too grumpy this morning. EVEN THOUGH MY DISHWASHER is fixed, and I am back to running it 3 times a day (hmmm ... why do we go through appliances so fast?).

Things I am grumpy about today

1. I had to cancel my 8am massage this morning because i could not find my benny card, and the whole reason I was even getting the massage in the first place is that we have tons of FSA funds to use up. AND I don't even really LIKE the massages at my HMO so I didn't want to pay for it and submit reimbursement-0- like, that would have outweighed the benefits of the massage. And yes I could have just paid for it, but I would rather get a spa massage than an HMO massage if I am paying real money. Yes, I understand that my FSA is also real money, but it's money I already spent, so it feels fake. And honestly? Reading all of this, I should have just had the gd massage, especially since I ended up doing my makeup at work (because I expected to start the say with my face in a massage pillow and I WANT A MASSAGE). One more and! These HMO massages are super cheap ($53 for 60 mins) so they fill up SUPER FAST. Every day, the schedule for 45 days in the future opens up, so it's like winning Taylor Swift tickets each time I get an appointment and WHY DID I EVEN CANCEL?
2. There's, like, a massive ADHD med shortage nation-wide, and this SUCKS if you are, say, a high school kid about to take the ACT who could really use your ADHD meds ...
3. Dorothy and Coop were exposed to the actual flu at hockey this weekend, and Dorothy has a cough and a fever today BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

4. It's cold.
5. The grading, It has buried me.
6. My period has come twice in a row after 16 days and has lasted an entire Hanukkah each time. WHY. WHAT. (Also, this sort of happened last year, too, and I got all the way checked out (there was dye and ultrasound and biopsy) and was offered a really disappointing maybe it's perimenopause here's some birth control, so I am not, like, worried about it, but BOY DOES IT SUCK.

SO. I have thoughts on vacation, traveling with a big family, Disney, and making holiday magic, but today is NOT THE DAY.


  1. I had that dye ultrasound that you speak of and found out I have uterine polyps. I had bleeding before and after my cycle and had assumed I was maybe perimenopausal, which seems to be a catch-all diagnosis for anything ailing a 40-50-something woman.

    I just used up my FSA funds last week to buy contacts. Using them for a massage sounds so much better. That sucks you couldn't find your card!

  2. I would be grumpy about all those things, too!

    I will be HERE for all the vacation updates - when you're ready.

    Booo to the flu. I really, really hope you avoid it altogether!

  3. Rats on Flu, that blows! If you can't get an HMO massage, maybe go to the optometrist and buy yourself some nice sunglasses. I did that once with my FSA money and it felt like getting them for free. Which it totally is NOT, but it felt like it.

  4. Oh my, you have EVERY reason to be grumpy. I hear you, and the flu thing and the double period -- YEESH. Especially just after you return from a vacation?!?! Come on, world. There should be a buffer zone between vacation fun and Real Life Nonsense!

  5. Absolutely understandable you were grumpy - I would have been too. We used to have an FSA account but I am not signing up for next year, we used it up just fine, but it's more hassle than it's worth it (IMHO)...