Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Not Crawling

 My blog here tells me that Harry didn't start crawling until he was a little over 8 months old-- and even then, it was more like creeping. So that makes me less worried about Minnie, who can only move backwards and rolls to get where she wants to go. And apparently, Jack was not quite there yet at a little over 8 months (although getting up on his haunches is more than she can do, and it sounds like he could sit up from lying down, which she also cannot do).  According to this, though, Cooper could slither on his stomach AND sit up on his own at Minnie's age, and Dorothy was practically walking by now.

So, bring it, Minnie!

It is really nice that we can put her down, and she stays basically right there.

What happens when I say I want to get a picture:
Not crawling:
Still not
We voted!
Another fab pose:

1 comment:

  1. When she can crawl she'll play with even MORE lids!
    I am loving Dorothy's dresses! Where are they from?