Saturday, April 10, 2021

Skirt-a-Thon, Week 1

 Remember Skirt-a-Thon? It's an academic FB group that comes together every April to wear skirts all 21 week days? We post selfies, root each other on, commiserate about the juggle. etc. Very feminist and life-affirming. I think this is my 8th year doing it, and some of my clothes have made an appearance very year. This year is especially difficult thanks to 15 extra pounds and the constraints of breastfeeding, plus my pandemic ennui that's a constant accessory.

We started last Thursday, and I skipped Friday for jeans at the zoo, so here are my first 6 scrounged together outfits:

This dress is literally older than Cooper

Ancient Tracy Reese dress that I wore all through pregnancy
Favorite jean skirt
Loft dress that was a nursing challenge
Another ancient favorite from Old Navy, with my nursing bralette, a real MVP

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