Saturday, April 03, 2021

Naps (or lack thereof)

 Minnie's naps are kind of in the toilet.

 She used to take a long morning nap (90-120 minutes), an OK afternoon nap, and then a short pre-dinner (or even during dinner nap). Now, though, she takes a totally crappy morning nap (35-50 minutes max) and then a kind of crappy afternoon nap too (like and hour). Occasionally, if she wakes up before the hour mark and we give her a minute to see if she's really awake, she goes back to sleep and stays asleep for a couple more hours. I wish this happened every day-- the 2+ hour nap-- but it just doesn't. Today, she slept for 35 minutes on a walk this morning and for just under an hour this afternoon. AND THAT IS ALL.

Luckily, when she's awake, she is a delightful tiny human.

Last night after dinner, she fell asleep mid-play, so I really think she could use a little more day sleep.

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