Friday, April 02, 2021

Operation Normalize Going Places

6:54 am:

 I told Dorothy and Cooper we could go to our favorite waffle place and eat outside, and I am praying that they don't wake up in the mood for waffles because it is TWENTY-FIVE DEGREES OUTSIDE. Also, I have lost FOUR POUNDS and am not in the place to eat waffles for breakfast.

About Dorothy and Cooper: we noticed that they need to go inside places because they are starting to fear people. So, we have gone inside a bakery to pick up our cookie order and inside an ice cream place to celebrate Ben's and my vaccine, and I even took Dorothy and Minnie into Whole Foods yesterday. Whole Foods was glorious, BTW. Besides baby yogurt, the reason I went to there, I spent $200 on complete bullshit and it was very nostalgic. (*Not actually bullshit-- I got all the stuff for Easter dinner: ham, turkey breast, broccoli, asparagus, sparkling rose, which is probably for Easter morning if we are being honest, and strawberry shortcake).

1:54 pm

** It has been 7 hours since I started this post because I had to GO EAT WAFFLES**

We also took the kids to the zoo, and right now? Minnie is waking up from one of her patented TWENTY EFFING MINUTE NAPS. WHYYY?

In other baby news, she ate yogurt and likes it a lot.

Good thing she's so cute:

Operation normalize going places is in full effect:

So far all of the places are junk-food related. But! Dorothy went with Ben to the bike store today, and Whole Foods was not ALL junk (we did get chocolate croissants because why not). Plus the zoo, which I am glad we visited since our county rescinded its outdoor mask order today. On the one hand YAY because our numbers are going way down, but also WUT because the reason our numbers are going down is MASKS. Now I am anxious about Little League and will NOT go back to the crowded zoo. Even though it is operating at 50% capacity, it was still wall-to-wall people, which we were largely fine with because they were wearing masks. Gah.

I cannot with her little face:

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  1. FWIW, here in Texas as you know the governor lifted the mask order AND restrictions on capacity of spaces. We were...not happy. Obviously. But I will say that MOST people are still wearing masks and 99% of businesses we've seen are still requiring masks and all employees are wearing masks. Honestly, as far as we've seen, nothing much has changed. So have hope that your fellow humans & neighbors will be similarly not stupid. (Caveat: we don't go many places and we definitely have not tried to go places where we know people will be acting dumb. But it's manageable.)