Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Jack's 13th Birthday!!

Minnie helped me open packages, break down boxes, and do all the wrapping. She's a saint, that one.
Oh, the 9-hour cheesecake. It's what he always wants, and it is magical. WORTH the whole day of prep.
Ben and I ordered a The Office birthday decorating kit, and we watched the Kelly birthday episode while decorating

I loved everything about it.
So did Jack.
We did presents
And pancakes.

We had Chipotle and ice cream for lunch
Jack got all his work done for the week early and then went for a bike ride.

We had ribs and all his favorite sides for dinner.
Minne dressed fancy.
He made a Kahoot about himself

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Chiconky said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! I love everything about this