Monday, April 05, 2021

I have lost 5 pounds + new routine + mom FAIL

 And really? I feel fine. I was eating a ridiculous amount of food, apparently. 

Also, I do this thing when I am trying to lose weight where I don't drink water, which is the OPPOSITE of what I should be doing. So! I have my huge half gallon water jug, and I am drinking it TWICE a day every single day. This is so, so, so helpful. But also? A real chore.

Minnie and I changed up our morning walk/her morning Ergo nap, which is a SACRED part of our day: We used the BOB stroller! I was really nervous that she wasn't going to sleep because she spent the first part of the walk singing and clapping, but then:

Ben almost died buying that stroller, by the way, because we used to have one, and we got rid of it not very long before we got pregnant. It was in perfect shape because BOB strollers are amazing, but, alas. Even though it almost killed him, Ben finally capitulated to months of nagging. And I am so happy to have it-- I walk much faster pushing her than wearing her, that's for sure. Still, I can't say I am done with the Ergo walks-- having her sleeping on my chest is the sweetest thing in the entire world.

Speaking of my sweet baby sleeping! She woke up at 1:40 last night, and I turned off the monitor, and then instead of going to get her, I fell asleep with the monitor off. How awful is that? I woke up in a total panic at 3:14 and ran to her room. She was fast asleep and didn't wake up until 5, when she ate and then slept until 8. I hope she was only awake for a few minutes at 1, and I feel like a total asshole about it.

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