Friday, April 30, 2021

May Goals

 ** Normal BMI: THIS IS WITHIN MY REACH! I have lost 10 pounds, but my BMI is still a 26. Just 1.9 points or 7-ish pounds to go! Might not finish that this month, but it is righthere.

So close

** Lunches with friends: I have missed this SO MUCH and thanks to the magic of vaccines, it might be able to happen again-- cannot even wait!

Current lunch date

**Work on my book EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKDAY.

This has not happened a ton this month. I WONDER WHY.

** Prep summer and fall by Memorial Day, so we can all enjoy the pool


In other news, April! Was Skirtathon! I showed you a few of my super old skirt looks, but here are the rest:


It's been so fun to get dressed up and take selfies and share them with a group of people who is doing the same thing. Especially since April is the cruelest academic month-- fun to commiserate with women across the country.

Ok, here's the big news: I AM GETTING MY DUGGAR HAIR CUT this afternoon. YOU GUYS!

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