Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Limping toward the finish line

I thought I was done making holiday magic happen yesterday, but then I noticed that I bought myself a child's medium Gap pajama shirt.  Gah.  And then another store emailed me helpfully just before dawn to say one of the items in my order was no longer available.  So.  To the real mall I go.  Boo.

And then, of course, there is the wrapping.

Last year for the first time ever I got my wrapping shiz together and there were darling brown paper packages tied up with string.  This time, though, the look will be less uniform because I am not buying anymore things (except, you know, that one gift and also a new shirt for myself in the correct size).  But!  I am using yarn, which is just so stinking cute.

I wrapped Ben's the moment he left for hockey today, and despite a lunch with a friend (can I just say, lunch dates have been a huge happiness boost, and you can look for them on my 19 for 2019 for sure) and a slew of final exams coming in this afternoon, I hope to make some serious headway today while the kids are at school.
Buts, alas, all of the kids are missing key gift components that various stores assure me are out for delivery.  I JST WANT TO WRAP ALL OF THE THINGS.

And maybe watch a few Christmas movies.  NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK.

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