Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dorothy Date

I put "get a pedi with Dorothy" on my 40 for 40 list because it just is such an iconic mother/daughter thing to do.  But, really?  I have mixed feelings about little kids getting mani/pedis at a nail shop.  It just seems kind of gross and bougie.  I didn't get my first pedi until college (with my grandma who introduced me to all the coolest stuff-- shout out to Bomma, if you're reading).  But here's Dorothy, five-and-a-very-important-half, getting all 20 nails buffed, filed, and painted.  With snowflakes on her thumbs and big toes.
 I love pic this so much.  She could barely reach the water.  (I just took her to my favorite neighborhood shop-- no fancy kid accommodations, but there is a sweet white wine I like...)
 She totally dug the whole experience but asked that I quit talking to her.  So I just eavesdropped on the lady about 15 years older than me there for her birthday with her college-aged daughter and her pregnant married daughter.  Adorbs.
 Such tiny toes.  And yes, she picked 10 colors.
 She tried SO HARD to stay still
 Loved the finger dryer.  Couldn't reach the toe dryer.
 Such a lady
 Ta-da!  She said one of her favorite parts was wearing flip flops in the winter and giving her toes some air.
 But really?  She had as much fun dropping her coloring contest entry off at the grocery store and getting a Tootsie Pop.
 (Also, we saw The Grinch and it was darling-- we both loved it)

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