Wednesday, December 05, 2018


You guys know I am socially awkward and generally an introvert, right?  Well, last weekend, we had 3 events in a row at our house, and it almost killed me.  But now!  I can close my doors for the rest of the year.  Kidding.  Sort of.  But probably not really.

Harry was in a play at school, and we had the bright idea to host the cast party.  And before you knew it, there were FORTY CHILDREN in our house, eating pizza, drinking soda, singing Hamilton songs, and exchanging gag gifts.  OH EM GEE.

Harry with his break a leg flowers from my parents:
 Harry onstage:
 Harry post-curtain call.  Only there was no curtain because we were in a gym slash lunchroom.  AND IT WAS DARLING.
 Those nervous few minutes before a party starts when you think maybe no is going to come.
 HOLY SH*T BALLS.  The basement was also full of children.  And only 1/10th of them were mine!
Cooper, in the dead center of the action:
 Um.  We ordered too many pizzas.  So this week, if you are thirsty, pour yourself a nice glass of PIZZA.
 Excellent gag gift offering
 I snapped this when I was in the home stretch.  OMFG.


  1. You’re insane! I offered to host our Girl Scout party and just that is giving me palpitations!

  2. How many pizzas did y’all order?