Thursday, December 06, 2018

Jan Brett! At my library!

Not only did we endure a middle school cast party, we also met up with awesome friends to see the amazing children's author Jan Brett at our library (and then we had pizza and hot chocolate a our house, and I only mention the menu because, hilariously, along with gingerbread people, that's basically all I served all weekend to anyone who walked in the door). Also, AS USUAL, I took NO PICTURES of all 6 of our kids together because I am THE WORST.

It was Jan Brett's birthday, and all the ids sang to her, and I almost died from the cute. Also, I love that her birthday is December 1 because Brett is the author I always associate with cozy winter story time.  Here are the kids in front of her bus.  HER TOUR BUS because she is a children's book author and illustrator and also kind of a rockstar, apparently.
 Standing by their letters.

 Jack has to pick a secondary letter because there is no J is Madison Public Library.
 I bought a couple of books before the talk because OF COURSE I DID, and Dorothy and Jack went in to save seats (on the floor in the front row because they are awesome).  Cooper stayed outside with me, and I asked him to take a selfie of him and Hedgie while I waited because he was getting kind of jerky.  Amazingly, he came back with these two pictures for me:

 As more people came and the rows got compressed, Dorothy got rowdier and rowdier.
 And art lesson!
 Dorothy had to come to the mom section on the side of the room.  Just like library story time when she was a preschooler.

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