Monday, December 10, 2018

Hanukkah 2018

Hanukkah this year was a bright light in the cold, dark Wisconsin winter, exactly as it should be.  We had 8 nights of warm, cozy treats and a few minutes to gather, light candles, and exchange presents.  I loved it!  But!  It is really hard to come up with 8 nights of presents for 4 kids, especially with Christmas looming on the horizon.  The past couple of years, we have developed themes, and this year was no exception.

Night 1: Advent calendars.

This only worked because the first night of Hanukkah was 12/2.  Dorothy and Cooper got toy-a-day calendars (American Girl and Hot Wheels) and dinky chocolate ones.  Harry and Jack got big chocolate ones and also fuzzy blankets because December is cold.

 Night 2: Ugly Christmas Sweater night

(Dorothy got a Christmas dress and antlers, which she lost, and then I replaced them and ended up buying a ton more clothes.  OOOOOPS).
Ben liked Cooper's H&M sweater so much, he bought one for himself.

 Night 3: Pokemon cards

(But Harry got a Guinness Book of World Records, so I guess night 3 was more like Random Things From Costco, which, frankly, is a theme I could get behind).

 Night 4: 2019 Calendars.

A surprise hit, even though that's a dorky gift.  Maybe BECAUSE it's a dorky gift.

 Night 5: ROBES!

 (Harry was at hockey, but he also got a robe-- so thrilling).

 Night 6: A Gift You Have to Share with a Sibling **sad trombone**

Harry and Jack got a knee hockey rink so they can continue to beat the crap out of each other and also the knees of their pants.
 Dorothy and Cooper are enjoying this Play Doh kitchen (COSTCO, I LOVE YOU)

 Night 7: Uggs for all!  

Harry and Jack LOVED this night.  Cooper felt meh about it.  Dorothy HATED IT.  Boots?  ARE NOT PRESENTS.


This one is always a favorite!  The kids draw names and then shop for each other and try not to spoil the surprise (LOLz).

This year, Harry picked Dorothy.  Dorothy picked Harry.  Cooper picked Jack.  Jack picked Cooper. So, from our perspective, shopping was a BREEZE.

 Harry got Dorothy a tent and a talking bird (big hit!)
 Dorothy got Harry the rainbow Vans he's been eyeing.  Another winner!
Cooper got Jack an assortment of Harry Potter stuff, like THE ELDER WAND OMG!, and Jack got Cooper and LEGO and a Hot Wheels monstrosity.  It was super fun and cute, and then we all watched The Christmas Chronicles which is darling, and I might have cried a little.

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