Saturday, December 29, 2018

Merry Little Chrismukkah

What a delightful holiday season!

We are finally home and unpacked with nothing on the calendar but hockey for the foreseeable, and that's lovely, too.  I have no idea what day or time it is, and the first thing on my to-do list for tomorrow is to reorient myself to time.

We kicked things off with a Christmas Eve-Eve ugly sweater skate, where Dorothy was delighted to find that the skills she is learning in her gym class roller blading unit are paying off on the ice, too.

 And Jack was only too happy to clown around with her and her skating aid seal.
 Hockey ice white is my favorite color.
 Ben and the minis.
 The next day we again donned our ugly sweaters to go to Ben's grandma's for Christmas Eve
 And then we came home to make some magic happen and fall into bed by 1 am (kids by 10:30).
 Early AM stocking sesh before the kids got out of their rooms.  Santa delivers al of the stockings to bedrooms so we can have a few more minutes of sleeeeeeeeeep.

One quick pic of everyone in front of the tree
 For what felt like HOURS.  Especially if you were Dorothy and just anted someone to unbox the first damn this you opened.
 Beatrix tried to eat yarn, which, WTF?
 There was much admiring of gifts.
 Lots of excitement.
 And Beatrix made sure t obe right there the whole time.
 My fave.  LOL.
 This is her "I just got a book" face,
 Finally!  They wanted to eat the Christmas morning pull apart cinnamon rolls.
 And we decided to take the dog (and Dorothy's new dolly) for a walk.
 And some more gifts (from Ben's grandma's house, since we had to leave early on Christmas Eve).
 Her pooping doll pooped!
 OMG!  I am a tween, and all I wanted was clothes!

Awesome!  A new place to stash his candy!

Harry was genuinely happy to see everything everyone unwrapped
 Favorite gift:  Hatchimals and a stroller/pooping doll.
 I got a new camera, in the hopes that I will not be sucked into my phone so often (ha!) and it takes great pictures!
We spent the whole day playing games, opening gifts, and just sort of lounging around.  And of course toasting the whole package of sloth and greed and contentment.

We got up early the net day to go to my parents' house to do it all again and celebrate my dad's 71st birthday.

Cooper is totally crazy about the cursive writing book Santa brought him in his stocking, so he got right to work first thing.
 Beatrix, being the pretty girl she is.

Matching outfits!

 General present hijinks

Champagne cocktails

Dorothy and her new doll that looks just like her.  She first named the doll Hazel, but then the chaged it to Leshawna.
 Cooper's new BFF
Jon modeling my dad's shoulder replacement surgery recovery chair
 Dude, this card game is really funny.

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