Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another day, another POTY podcast episode

Can we just for a second talk about the uncanny resemblance between Dorothy and Kit?

I can't even tell who is who.

The kids have spring break which is TERRIBLE because Ben and I already had our spring break so now we just have to do all the shit we always have to do PLUS deal with all the kids being home.  It is magical and special.  AS YOU CAN IMAGINE.

All of us got to enjoy story time yesterday.
 Well, Harry and Jack hung out in the teen area, and Cooper was super jealous of them and whined about it for like basically all morning. But then we got into story time, and he was HOOKED, like I knew he would be.
 When it came time to do the craft (garden theme, so they painted tulips using a plastic fork), he was super serious and told the librarian that he knew how to do that already because they do it at his school.
And you know what?  He did.

Here's Ben and me podcasting (and yes, I went off the Whole30 for a Michelob Ultra, and then I had to drink 3 of them to even get a little buzzed because those beers are just water and headaches., but everyone knows that podcasts are better when the hosts are a little bit not sober and I had 300 calories of beer and should have just had vodka or cake.  Bah.)
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  1. Still listening and enjoying! Appreciated the shout-out! And regardless of whether or not Ben heard your interview...it really WAS fantastic. I loved it.

  2. Hey, this is a pleasant post. Thanks for sharing this with us. Best to you and your family. Keep us posted.